Tuesday, 10 July 2012


If it’s true that the Devil wear Prada, then without doubt whoever the couturier might be, the Devil’s whore most certainly wears stockings.

Stockings are amongst the most powerful weapon in a girl’s armoury in the sex war, something she can wear with quiet impunity under long skirts or jeans, and only let the fact be known to an appropriate person at an in appropriate moment and instantly raise the erotic temperature to something out of control.

Alternatively they can be worn blatantly with a skirt so short it barely hides their lacy tops which become all too visible when she innocently perches on her office chair, ostensibly not knowing why so many of the men are finding all sorts or reasons to drop by for a chat, or unaccountably to keep dropping pencils and other small objects object at her feet so they have to kneel and pick them up.

Stocking eroticise the legs like nothing else, smoothing and flattering them with their dark silky sheen and making them magnet to the eye and of course, unlike tights which have their own separate appeal,

stockings come to a sudden lacy end at the top of the thigh giving a sudden change of colour and texture and making those last few inches of smooth flesh look even more naked and vulnerable.

What a pleasure it is to run fingers and lips over their silky surface and then find you are those exquisite few inches of upper thigh, scarcely a kiss away her secret entrance.

The unholy triptych of short skirt high heels and stockings is one of the most familiar staples of erotic imagery. It is worn by St Trinians schoolgirls,

naughty maids,

and sexy secretaries alike and it will never be out of favour.

Yes a girl can peel off her top or even strip naked to arouse an instant tsunami of sexual interest, but in doing so she blows her cover and has nowhere to go. Careful use of stockings and their accoutrements can have testosterone simmering around her like a witch’s cauldron for hours on end, and all the while she can keep up the pretence that she has no idea what is going on.

And if she wants to make quite sure that she is getting the right effect, well, all she has to do is to reach over a convenient desk,

and she will have get the erectionometer pleading for mercy.

Given that all of us girls have been guilty of this in one form or another at some stage in our lives, some little madams doing it more or less permanently is it any wonder that we all too often find ourselves being spanked for our wanton exhibitionism?

Can we blame you, particularly when spanking a young girl dressed in such an inflammatory way gives you such a visual treat?

And of course, the really blatant of us, we can make it even worse. After all, if we have pushed our bratty behaviour to the point where a spanking has been threatened, telling the man in question, “But you can’t possibly spank me! I mean, if you pull up my skirt, you’ll see I’m wearing stockings!” is not exactly going to put him off the whole idea.

And when teasing is over and things have moved from the living room to the bedroom, whether for outright pleasure or serious punishment, is there any thing so erotically appealing than a girl wearing nothing but stockings?

And where does a nice girl like Elizabeth stand in all this? Well, what do you think?


  1. Oh I think I can guess as to that last question, Liz.

    I think, like me, you have a dresser drawer filled with garter belts with 4 straps, 6 straps, lacy, silk stockings seamed, patterned, solid, various shades then of course the stay ups of all variety as well. You will be well practiced in knowing just how to sit, bend or cross your legs or get out of the car to show exactly how much of them you want to be at any given moment and know just the type of look and response you are looking to be getting when you head to the office or night out with a lover ;)

    amber xxx

  2. Oh yes, I'm definitely with amber on this one. I think you have the most luscious of lingerie and use it to your own very naughty advantage whenever the mood takes you.
    Amber,thank you for clarifying the type of spanking you meant on your last post. I agree completely :)

  3. It's so nice to find my correspondents coresponding with each other. At least when I'm too busy to post you can keep yourselvess occupied.

    And Amber, what a collection of lingerie!I could almost start to think you might be something of a bad girl!


    1. That's just the stockings drawer, Liz ;)

      amber xxx

  4. Another day, another erotic teasing delight for your naughty devils! Quite effective, you darling ladies must spend hours practicing your innocent charms to delight in the foolish reactions and silly smiles of your naughty devil victims, no complaints here love! And yes Liz, all naughty devils' dream girls must wear stockings, garter belts, lacy panties and short flirty skirts and are well instructed on the innocent tease of bending over, especially over my knee! =;)

  5. Those stocking photo's are a pure joy to see. Spanking a naughty lady wearing a such hose attached to her garter-belt straps, sexually and erotically excite me. So here is to your 'bottom up', and a good spanking upon it. Thanks.