Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Elizabeth

Diva Magazine did an article by me a short while ago and I’m pleased to say that for about a week it ranked as the most read story. If you want to check it out, Google Diva Magazine and you can find it there. With a few added images and subject to a couple of token changes I am re-producing it below.

Grey is not the only colour

The runaway success of Fifty Shades of Grey tells us so much about where women are today with themselves and their bodies and their independence of thought, much of which is all too obvious but also much that is not. Yes we unashamedly enjoy sex, (my goodness we do) but why in a modern western world where it has never been easier for the female of the species to mingle fluids with A N Other, why are so many of them choosing to read about that activity, instead, so it is being suggested of actually getting down and dirty themselves ?

So much to say on this I scarcely know where to start. For most of us reading a book is to escape into the world of the imagination, to experience things in the mind that we are unable to do under the glaring lights of the real world.

Given that these days it is all too easy to engage in real sex with a real partner whether that person pays half the mortgage or is simply someone who passes in the night, what is it then we are we seeking in the pages of a book? I think that part of the answer lies in the very fact that sex on demand is now all too easy, a ready meal we can heat and eat and just as easily forget. Face booking and speed dating may well have leached all elements of darkness and mystery from our daily lives, but that is where romantic and erotic fiction comes in to its own. Snuggled under the duvet with a book we would rather our mother doesn’t see,

we are able to live out fantasies that we are sometimes reluctant to admit to ourselves let alone other people.

At one extreme they can be dark and dangerous,

and at the other poetic and sublime.

We can be tied naked to a tree while our brooding captor explores our most intimate places, or inflict delicious and devious punishment on some naughty little minx who we have cajoled into our world of personal arousal, there is no limit to the swooning joys available to our erotic imaginations in the pages of a book.

Why should we deny, to ourselves at least, what is all too obvious. Whatever our sexual orientation we all have our dark and secret sides, and making an occasional escape from the daily round of domestic banality to visit the secret ivory tower of our erotic subconscious has to be releasing and therapeutic. It may be terrifying to find ourselves struggling helplessly as a dark and imposing stranger strips the last remaining shreds from our lush bodies and tells us in graphic detail what plans he has for us, but it still has to be better than running the vacuum cleaner.

As a writer with an all too vibrant erotic imagination I found I had no difficulty in producing a book, Educating Anna, about the misadventures of a young girl keen to explore and experiment with her sexual needs, and after this was published, I still had so much unsaid I wrote another, Sins of the Flesh.

Educating Anna tells of the erotic experiences of a girl who after experiencing the exciting humiliation of being spanked by her all too attractive tutor sets out on a journey of sexual discovery.

Beautiful and sensual, whatever she experiences or submits too, unlike the protagonist in Fifty Shades, ultimately she is always very much in charge of her destiny as her primary motivation is for her to experience and learn. “ …. It’s sex I have in mind, sex in all its glory sex in every variation I can contrive; penetration and pleasure, pain and perversity…..and I should not take a Cyclopean view … what about girls…?”

Sharing, dominating , mingling and submitting, eventually her journey brings her round full circle to an ambiguous ending I have no intention of giving away. I would love to be Anna in her ancient lime washed house with its bees waxed floors and aromatic log fires, spending my evenings practicing kissing with her sublimely pretty companion, Mouse,

but regrettably I am not and nor are you. But we can still dream, and that’s the whole point of it.


  1. I have recently celebrated a birthday and a friend of mine for my present bought me the trilogy of 50 shades of grey.
    I haven't started it yet but I am just about to. It will be interesting to see what everybody is going on about.

  2. I would be interested to hear your comments, maybe after you have finshed the first one. I have opinions of my own which I will keep to myself for the time being.

    Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday!


  3. At the moment, I have absolutely no wish to buy these books.

    What I will be buying in a couple months latest, hopefully, is Liz's books.

    However, I might change my mind (not about educating anna and sins of the flesh, of course) after hearing Liz and Sir Stephen give their reviews.

    I rarely, if ever, pay attention to reviews. But, I would consider what these 2 have to say :)

    1. Oh, and happy birthday SS :)