Friday, 20 July 2012

Something for the weekend.

Beech, the butler, did not mind that his duties included giving young Lady Serena regular spankings when she had misbehaved, but did think it unfair that he was not allowed to take down her knickers.

Knowing what “A quiet word with the boss” generally involved, Jenny made sure she was good and ready.

Christine woke from a delicious dream that a strange man had taken her across his knee for a spanking to find that in fact it was true!


  1. Miss Elizabeth

    that's it - a total route

    i shall remain loyal and faithful because there is something so reassuring about quality (and intelligence)but i'm just going with it, i'm not going to protest or argue

    all my 'fans' some who have actually consumed the whole trilogy agree, quite dire, awful writing, repetative, no verisimilitude

    now, wherever, whenever - the tabloids the quality sheets, magazines and whatnot etc etc - one is swamped with 50 SHADES

    however, however some 31M have been sold - at say jut 50p a copy i leave it to you and your accountant to work out ELJ's take - and, and, and
    the German Fun Factory that, i undersatand manufactures 'jiggle balls' (don't ask) have had to initiate night shifts to keep up with the demand and a lot of smart City office girls, i notice for instance, are are walking around a little oddly . . .

    i've said it before and will say it again - a creepy phenomenon

    you are, Elizabeth Forster, i am afraid Queen Canute

    the curious thing is that despite all it seems to be giving the most mousey, retiring wallflowers the endorsement to be 'naughty' whatever hidden guilt was there, an endorsment has been offered, it's all right

    my 'fans' are now callig me 'Mr J' and are seeking the "Naughty Girls' Room" to have a name change to "The Red Room"

    so i'm going with it


  2. J, tell me it isn't so... that you haven't drunk the GREY kool-aid!

    Nice pics and captions as usual Liz :)

    Have a great weekend all

    amber xxx

  3. one is at one's wits end - one hoped that in posting my thoughts earlier i would have exorcised this matter to my personal relief

    however, however, earlier today with a double espresso and having appropriately dealt with certain required 'domestic matters' in an appropriate manner (you will know to what i alude)i settled with the 'pink un' a saturday favourite and there i was faced with Sir David Tang devoting a third of his column to 50 SHADES - is there no escape

    in fairness though to Sir D the sort of comments he made were being flabbergasted (Amber:i have not the time to provide translations) by its appalling prose - titillating as effecive as a colony of elephant seals - EKJ should be ashamed etc etc though siting the devastating 31M figure - my 50p a pop i remind everyone

    of course this brings even more publicity and there will be many now who, otherwise would have been unaware, picking up copies to cofirm

    ah, infamy