Friday, 27 July 2012

I've come to be spanked, Sir

“I’ve come to be spanked, Sir.”

Arguably the most exciting and arousing words that any one of us can ever expect to hear, and if of course we are female then we are familiar with hearing some equivalent.

Clearly in this situation the build up started maybe an hour, maybe a whole day before, when the wanton little miscreant in question misbehaved in one of her many delicious ways that she does and retribution was agreed and an appointment made. And here she is, all ready for a long stinging session across your knee, her punishment being something which she entirely accepts is her due and maybe is even eager for it.

And of course as she has come to your room penitent and knowing that the entire reason for her being here is to be spanked, then she will be dressed appropriately, whatever that might mean for the two of you. Possibly a little vest that makes her look extra vulnerable, its short hem wholly failing to hide and in fact drawing attention to her pert little bottom peeping out defencelessly from underneath.

Or maybe something quite different, she could be quite naked save for stockings and high heels to emphasise her pouting sexuality, very likely the very thing for which she is now about to be spanked. (We all know that girls have to be spanked regularly for being too outrageously provocative, even if following their punishment, we cannot stop ourselves from wallowing in that very thing.

Maybe she might be wearing her shortest skirt, with or without skimpy panties underneath,

or if we are in the mood, we may have insisted that she be attired as a naughty schoolgirl using the unanswerable logic that as she is going to be spanked like one, she might as well dress as one to emphasise that as yet she has wholly failed to grow up properly.

“I’m really sorry, Sir.” She goes on, but her eyes are limpid with something other than sorrow and as you ease her across your knee you know that she is in need of learning that valuable lesson that there is a bridge of sighs to be crossed before true satisfaction is reached.

“Are you ready to be spanked?” You ask having got her into the exact position you want her in, her sweet bottom naked and vulnerable under your hungry eyes and her hands pinned together in the small of her back. “I think so, Sir.” She tells you, but you are in no hurry, stroking her peachy cheeks and taking pleasure in her little gasps as your finger stray over her moist crevice.

You remind her that you will have to spank her quite hard this time as she seems so slow in learning the patient lessons you are trying to get across, and as always she acquiesces, and though when you are scorching her flesh she wriggles and squirms she never tries to escape as she knows that all this is for her own good.

And then, when it is all over, her appreciation that you have made all this effort on her behalf is justification on its own for all your time and patience with her.

Such a shame that in a few days the careless girl will have quite forgotten and the whole thing will have to happen all over again!


  1. L

    ha, L, one just can't help laughing as one eagerly scrolls down - do you ever get any sleep


  2. oh, everyone what about the 20 july comments

    odd that no one seemed to share my thoughts on

    the 50 number thing


    1. J, your thorough take on the book is very much appreciated.

      I just really can't say more about it without reading it and that is VERY unlikely to happen as I will not buy it.


  3. Like naughty devils who love to spank and cuddle naughty school girls, let's hope our naughty darlings never properly grow up! =;)

  4. See Liz, it's not so much that we forget, it's that in our strive to be ever so good, we want to make absolutely sure we learn every bit of our lesson.

    With all the distractions going on.. the straying fingers, the squirming on a very lumpy lap, those delicious stinging sparks sending all kinds of chaotic messages to the brain and signals to an ever increasing arousal.

    Why we could easily have missed something very important. It is in our best interests and even our duty to make sure we have learned all that is being taught, even if it does take endless trips across his lap. And the bonus of the mutual appreciation after is such a nice incentive to further our commitment ;)

    amber xxx

  5. Amber

    mm . . how can you have an opinion without tasting, experiencing, indulging . . .

    there is no need to 'buy' which i undestand may be problem, someone will lend you a copy, what about the local library or even a nearby 'trash can' (i believe you call them)

    well, whatever, as you would say, thanks for your thoughts and the other postings too that keeps this site buzzing, we could almost do without Miss Forster - most enjoyable


    1. L

      hey, the third last picture i've realised regardles of how timeless it is must be all of twenty years ago

      this is the then stylish Stella Fennington who appeared effectively in military uniforms in various roles all culminatig in the inevitable . . .

      when she decide to hang up her thong she did a remarkabe endurance thing of such sweetness i can still hear the incessant swishes and the look of sheer ecstacy on her face

      ha, happy days - thank you Elizabeth for that little madeleine moment


  6. A delightful story with wonderful pictures, as always Liz.

    And now....... My book review

    When I first picked it up I found myself saying. I shall be objective, because without fail anybody who has passed a comment on the 50 shades trilogy from within the scene has slated it. If there have been any comments to the contrary I have not seen them.

    I was pleasantly surprised, it was readable and was the awakening of a young naive 21 year old very shy virgin who suddenly and for the first time in her life has fallen in lust.

    The most common complaint that I have seen of people from within the scene is that it is badly written, I don't actually know what that means. I agree that there are certain words and phrases that are repeated, however, from the characters point of view she is a very shy young girl and the fact she becomes fixated with certain phrases and words as this very new phenomenon of lust envelopes her is I think believable.

    If it really was badly written as people would like to think I don't believe the publishers would have put it out there without corrections.

    It is not in my opinion a D/s book or even a BDSM book ( well at least not the first one, I haven't read the second or third one yet)

    It is a young girls first stirring of lust/love her coming to terms with it and her willingness to accede to whatever her lover wishes, to try and please him. If this was a true D/s or BDSM book there would be scenes of D/s on a lot of pages, there isn't, it is mostly vanilla sex and not pornographic either, the descriptions are not graphic enough for that.

    I don't know why people from within the scene have take against it, perhaps, as I have seen from various writings "I could write it better than that". They may be missing the point, it is not a D/s book Per se, not about a willing sub, eager, and with outstretched arms running to embrace this lifestyle, it is the complete opposite,a young girl who is finding it very hard, if not impossible to please this man who wants to hurt her.

    Is it sour grapes? someone from outside the scene has had the temerity to write about something which she has no knowledge about? And to make it worse has become a millionaire in the process?

    This book would appear to be no better and no less than a lot of books in the same ilk. I suspect that the Black Lace publishers may well have some extremely similar books.

    The difference here being that the PR machine worked as it has never worked before on a book and making it a world wide hit.


  7. Thanks Sir Stephen for a thorough review. You and J have done awesome in giving your takes on the book.

    I believe that you and J have solidified my resolve to not buy any of them.

    I am not forming any opinion about the writing. It would be silly to try without reading it. I just am not willing to spend any money to do so. Should a friend lend it to me without my having to spend money on gas to pick it up, I am sure I would read it. But despite the hype, I don't have a friend here that has bought the book. And I am certainly not going to go dumpster diving (picking thru trash) to find it. That did make me laugh J. Also, I guess our libraries are different from yours, as there is no way in the world a copy of the book would be found in one. So it looks like it will remain unread by me.

    On a positive note, I figure 7 or so weeks until I get Liz's books. That I am very much looking forward to :D

    amber xx

  8. Amber,

    That was an interesting comment,about the library not stocking it, I actually hadn't realised that you were not in the UK

    Here, it has become so mainstream that it is not unusual to see copies of it being read in public including on the tube.

    I don't know whether it is in our libraries yet, I guess it depends on how much of a budget they have these days

  9. So many comments, and me as always in such a rush I have no time to answer. So long as I am keeping your imagiations, and no doubt some other bits of you, well exercised, then no harm done!