Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cheek Peeks

A comment from a friend who has a very sweet but I have to admit precocious adolescent daughter, plus an article in last Sunday’s Times Style section has served to rekindle a memory from a good two or three summers ago.

Her comment was about her daughter’s need to be trendy which now includes following the craze for micro shorts, and the article was about the same garment.

Apparently, but only the blind could have failed to notice, bottoms are the new boobs and our pavements are now subject to an epidemic of young “Butt Sluts” making an exhibition of their peachy bottoms peeping out from the tiniest shorts they can get away with without leaving them off entirely.

So much to say and so little time to get it all on the paper. Do these young minxes know what effect they are having on an all too easily aroused the male population, and what fantasies they are generating in their overheated imaginations? If I know anything about my sex at all, almost certainly they do, and they will be positively revelling in the thought of all those erections popping up as they wriggle their tempting little cheeks past their chosen audience.

But there’s more to it than that, and I can understand my friend’s concern about the message her young daughter is giving out. There is something so unutterably provocative about these delicious glimpses of bottom flesh, and the urge to simply haul each one of these young girls up and across the knee for a sound spanking is almost overwhelming.

And, surprise surprise, I speak from personal experience here. As I so often stress, despite (sorry to sound conceited ) being slim and with legs I am more then happy to show off on appropriate occasions, I do not go in for revealing clothing in my ordinary day to day excursions. Out on a date or in the privacy of my own home is entirely different though, and a few of years back I had a boyfriend staying over on a particularly hot and balmy weekend. On the Sunday we were simply pottering in the garden and I was dressed appropriately for the weather and the garden in flip flops, a loose tee shirt, and a pair of shorts which I freely admit had been cut off to incendiary limits but which in my naivety thought were quite OK for a bit of weeding and deadheading.

(Hope I’m not spoiling your image of a writer of erotic books, but my passion for my wild and romantic garden comes a close second to sex and is sort of equal to my love for my cats.)

Anyway, I was so absorbed in gathering up the scattered petals of a Mademoiselle Alfred Carriere , (dusty pink, heavily perfumed) that I did not hear here the man in question him creeping up behind me and the next thing, something hot and throbbing and very very hard was being slid between my upper thighs, while two eager hands were grasping my breasts.

“You are such a little…” But he didn’t quite finish as somehow had been twisted round and we were kissing with the sort of urgency that only the newly together tend to experience. I know I wasn’t exactly over dressed, but he was way ahead of me with every stitch removed and his cock was showing all the eagerness of a young puppy long over due some exercise and something to chew on. Not everybody can get away with this look but he was nicely built and the effect was not lost on me. Naturally like all girls in this situation I was thrilled stiff, but automatic pilot had me feign shock and surprise that he should be behaving like this.

“What do you expect?” He was growling at me “It’s those shorts! You aught to be spanked for wearing shorts like that.”

 If I explain that we were new enough to each other that excursions into the dark side had not even been hinted at you can guess what sort of effect that had on me. Suddenly and unwittingly he had pressed one of my most sensitive erotic triggers, and on top of that he was naked and erect.

“Spank me!” Whether he meant it or not was irrelevant, I knew that this moment should not be lost and I went through the motions of trying to escape from him, carefully choosing my next words which were guaranteed to stiffen any man’s resolve and other parts of him as well. “You wouldn’t dare!”

Maybe he’d never spanked a girlfriend before, what does it matter, but as we starred at each other I could see that my simple sentence had done its job and nothing now would stop him. He grabbed hold of me, looked around for a suitable seat (a sawn off tree trunk) and in a second had me pinned across his knee all ready to give me one of the strangest spankings I had ever been given. All the usual protocols were weirdly in reverse. I, the girl about to be taught a traditional and old fashioned lesson for being too provocative was fully dressed. He, the man about to spank me for my lack of maidenly modesty, was totally naked, his quivering cock sticking up like an erotic exclamation mark as he shrugged me into position over his knee.

 That he was excited was all too obvious, his tumescence straining with excitement as he rubbed his hands over he good fifty percent of my bottom that my tiny shorts were failing to cover, but believe me, he could not have been more excited than me. Girls, have you ever been spanked by a naked man, nicely muscular and with a lovely big fat member that was already self lubricated even before he got going? I was positively leaking with arousal and anticipation and once he got into spanking his frustration out on my upturned bottom I found myself yowling like a cat on heat.

(Sorry I can’t give you an image of a young female in shorts being spanked by a naked man with a stiffy as I simply couldn’t find one, but if any of you know of one please send me the link.)

Both of us were far too turned on for subtlety which maybe was just as well as under normal conditions I would not have been able to tolerate being spanked with such vehemence. He was so excited he couldn’t help himself positively scourging my half naked bottom and he really gave it to me, this thoroughness only matched by the feral fucking that we gave into after my punishment had reached its crescendo.

So girls, my point is proved by this carefully controlled scientific experiment. If you don’t want to find yourself being spanked by a complete stranger while queuing at the deli counter in Tescos, don’t wear micros shorts.

But then again, maybe that’s exactly what you do want!


  1. Liz,
    Wow. Very erotic.. Ah, the joys associated with warm weather.

    Love the pix.


  2. What a perfectly wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Outdoor spanking and sex in the garden! And what a different and very erotic sounding way to be spanked.

    There are 3 things to wear that will land you over your man's lap as fast as the dollar/pound numbers go by at the gas pump when refueling.

    Schoolgirl miniskirt, micro shorts, and red panties.

    They seem to have the words "Spank me! Spank me long and spank me hard!" in writing that only those with the proclivity to take a naughty girl over his lap, can read.

    The great part for us is that, they also can read the fine print that says "and when you are done, TAKE ME!"

    amber xxx

    ... oh, i think i will spend a few minutes to try to find such a picture later.

  3. Hmm! Need to think about all those different garments. I'm sure I've got some skimpy red red panties red I can utilise....


  4. short sexy short shorts showing lower ass cheeks are made for spanking