Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fiona and Amanda play Schools (see previous posting)

So, following all the things that happened in may last posting, did Amanda and Fiona have an evening together playing schools? I don’t know the answer to that any better than you.

But if they did, what do you think might have happened? Let’s suppose for example that Fiona, never having been spanked before, despite all Miss Williams’ threats, might have had a bit of a problem deciding how to dress up for it, maybe considering the traditional English schoolgirl look with long socks and a short skirt under which her panties could just be glimpsed, innocent but with hidden promise,

or maybe go for full slutty mode with laddered fishnets and a come hither look on her face that suggested that she was up for anything.

Whatever she chose, we can be sure it would have got Amanda good and excited knowing that shortly her special friend with whom she had spent many an hour exchanging pleasurable kisses and more,

would be across her knee and that she would be playing Miss Williams who would at last get the pleasure of spanking one of the little strumpets she had to put up with all day.

Maybe Amanda would also have had a bit of a problem knowing how to dress up, undecided what sort of skirt she should wear with her school mistress shirt,

But whatever she did decide on, we can be sure that, once properly dressed for the part, particularly having spent much of the previous couple of weeks , across her boyfriend knee having her bare bottom soundly spanked,

that she would have been good and ready to exercise a little discipline on her friend.

Maybe, once she had finally got young Fiona over her knee and had pulled down her friend’s skimpy panties,

she would have found herself and revelling in the surge of power that we all get when this wonderful moment happens (Whoops! Am I giving to much away? ) Maybe she might have suddenly remembered a few old scores she needed to settle and enjoyed spanking Fiona’s cute bottom a bit too much.

But if she did, and after all this is only speculation, when at last they exchanged roles, well , Fiona would have had the rest of the night to get her own back.

That being the case, no doubt she would have taken full advantage, maybe even stripping her friend naked before her punishment was all over, and in the process finding out just how pleasurable it was to spank a pretty and overwhelmingly sexy young Miss over her knee;

And if it meant that Amanda had to suffer just a little, well that was unfortunate.

But all this time we are concentrating on Fiona and Amanda, we’ve forgotten Alan, working hard at a conference in Glasgow and not knowing anything at all about what his girlfriend got up to when he was away. But suppose, just suppose, he got back early, and at the door of the flat he heard those unmistakable squeals and moans and gasps that mean some poor girl is having her bottom soundly spanked but that painful or not she is strangely enjoying it, and just suppose he peeped through the keyhole to see just exactly was going on.

What do you think would have happened then?


  1. Very nice, Liz.

    Reading about that first time experience is always particularly exciting. That discovery of something new and arousing that can't wait to be tried again. And I thought that the telling of it in a phone call to a friend was very creative. :)

    And to J. Yes.

    See, we dress to make us feel confident, sexy, seductive, at times a bit naughty. We dress to inspire passion, lust, a bit of dominance. It might have a fantasy/role play theme at times, such as the schoolgirl. But, the desired outcome of the night is laying in bed, well spanked and well fucked and looking over at our drained lover with his deserved self-satisfied look of a job well done on his face before we turn out the light on the day to begin a new one. A new dance. Perhaps the next time as the naughty maid, nurse, waitress, secretary, etc.

    amber xxx

  2. Oh damn. I don't know how I messed this up. That comment was supposed to be for the last post. Sorry. :( I guess it is because you always leave me flustered a little with my imagination spinning.

    I will have a little think on how this one will end on what Alan will do next.

    I am sure your readers will have some very good ideas ;)

    amber xxx

  3. Another excellent read , and if i could have either of those first two delightful ladies pictured above , together with a hard woodbacked upright chair and an even harder woodbacked hairbrush; i am absolutely certain i could find something to do to occupy myself during the fast approaching jubilee week.

    Correction Ma.

  4. Such wonderful potentially naughty what ifs, and definitely with the first two lovely leggy lasses, Lord have mercy Liz (and thank you so much you delightfully wicked naughty girl, you've gotten this naughty devil quite aroused again!), where do these naughty leggy darlings like that exist? Is this a common site over there across the pond? There must be a God afterall and He must get great pleasure in creating such gorgeous naughty girls and even greater pleasure in seeing that their lovely bottoms, fsnnies and derrieres are given proper spankings.(Thought I would include French behinds this time too, too many cute sexy naughty French maid fantasies out there to not want to give them a what if scenerio too to take them over the knee and give their well deserved spanking too! Afterall, have to be a diplomatic naughty devil to make sure all international fantasy girls get their well deserved spankings to be fair. Now about those cute naughty blonde Deutsch beer wenches in the sexy drindl's with the short skirts....)

    Naughty Devil =;)

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