Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Is that you, Fiona?

Is that you Fiona, Yes it’s me, Amanda how are you? Yes I’m in the new flat now and its great. It’s so good being able to have my own place and do what I want when I want . No! I don’t mean that!

Well all right, thank God I can tell you anything. That too if you must know. I’m sure I’m still not as bad as you. At school we were always catching you at it. Actually talking about school, I’ve got a bit of a confession. Hang on, let me have a drink as this is really embarrassing but I’ve just got to talk to someone about it and you’re the one person I can trust. That’s better. Look, I don’t know, oh all right, I’ll tell you what it is, I was unpacking some things and came across some of my old school uniform stuff, and naturally I tried it on to see if it still fitted.

Anyway there I was in all this St Trinian’s gear and Alan popped round. Honestly, you should have seen his reaction when he saw me! I’ve heard that men have a bit of a thing about school uniforms, but I had no idea! Well one thing lead to another and we started playing this sort of game…Stop it will you! I told you this as embarrassing. Anyway, the thing is, he ended up putting me across his knee and spanking me. Yes, I knew you’d ask, he did pull my knickers down if you must know.

Do you remember that look on Miss Williams face when she threatened to spank one of us in front of the whole class but couldn’t actually do it as it wasn’t allowed any more, all sort of stern but excited at the same time.

That’s the look he had when he told me what he was going to do to and I don’t know , it did have he strangest effect on me. Yes of course it hurt ! When he started it was more of a gesture as if just having me pinned over his knee was enough in itself, but once he got going he got a bit carried way and said I’d been asking for this for ages so this was catch up time.

I was squealing like nothing on earth but nothing would stop him and then he next thing he was forcing to make me say that I was sorry for being such a bad girl and that I deserved a good spanking, and I don’t know what it was but suddenly I was sorry and then it was all a bit confusing and , well you can guess the rest so I don’t have to go into detail.

Let me have another drink. Hang on. OK. Anyway, when it was all over I was all mixed up about it. The sex we’d had was amazing we were both so excited but my bottom was really stinging for ages afterwards.

And I mean, I’m all grown now and in line for head of department and I’d been spanked by my boyfriend and that was really humiliating. But a couple of days later I was thinking about it and , well suddenly the thought of being over his knee like that and having my panties peeled down while he told me I was a naughty little girl, well don’t dare tell this to anybody but it got me all wet, and I couldn’t wait to be spanked again. No it’s fine. I’m not embarassed now and I want to talk about it. Anyway just before I knew he was coming round really went over the top in the full naughty schoolgirl kit with half my buttons undone to make sure I was getting the message across.

This time I took the initiative as I knew exactly what I wanted. I gave him the doe eyed look and called him Sir and told him what a naughty girl I’d been. Anyway he couldn’t keep his hands off me and then after a long time telling me that regrettably he no choice but to punish me he spanked me again and really took his time over it. You know, fondling my bottom for an age before he took my knickers down,

and when he spanked me it was sort of slowly and lovingly with a long quiet build up and I nearly had an orgasm just from that.

So it’s become a bit of a thing now. Whenever we’re together we play all sorts of fantasy games and I’m always doing something to give him an excuse to spank me and it’s really amazing.

The thing is, and I suppose the whole reason I’ve be telling you all this, he’s in Glasgow for most of this week and you and I haven’t had one of our special evenings together for ages.

I was wondering … I mean maybe you could come round and, well I remember that you always had a bit of a thing about Mrs Williams so maybe we could have a bit of a reminiss about the old days, and …..Exactly! I somehow knew you might like the idea. What! You’ve always had a fantasy about her actually spanking you! My God! This could be amazing…..!


  1. L

    honestly, Elzabeth, Amber and other peeking ladies, do you gels really like to dress up as schoolgirls or do you just know what it does to us chaps

    i feel a little uneasy but once the prefect's badge goes on i'm lost and happy to indulge


  2. L

    couldn't resist another browse through this latest sizzling posting and yes, sizzling

    however what a clever facilty in having a slide show - oh yawn, yawn, everyome exclaims just catching up J - well yes, frankly, i clicked on one offering hoping to get a giant reproduction and the slide show appeared - clever

    also click on any of your followers, L, and wow they list what else they look at - wow, it's another world

    cetainly have to go and lie down now


  3. Liz, I love you, you're a naughty angel put on this earth to please naughty devils, this one in particular! Your naughty devil is especially pleased with your latest rendition of the darling schoolgirls in the cute uniform mini skirts are having their luscious fannies lovingly spanked over the knee with their skirts flipped up and panties pulled down, my favorite!!!!! The spankees aren't the only one getting creamy wet here! There should be year round schoolgirl over the knee spankings, no vacations allowed!!!


    Naughty Devil =;)

  4. L

    funny word 'fannies' a little vulgar but undertood it seems in the USA

    however, however in the UK, gosh how does one do that, lay them on their back over one's knee - bizarre

    guide us Elizabeth - guide us


  5. After just reading on OFGs blog that secretly all women want a good spanking, you should be thankful you got one. And excellent reading may i add.

    Correction Man.

  6. Lots of things to say about all your kind comments, but temporarily rushed.

    And yes, "Fanny". Strange word, and every time I hear it I think of Fanny by Gaslight. The mind boggles!


  7. F

    oo, er, 'fanny by gaslight'

    care, we are being dated methinks . . .

    oh yes, and what is OFG please Mr Correction Man


  8. I see my use of the word "fannies" has stirred what you charming Brits think is odd about American terms. I use the term fanny as a cute behind or for you more proper English, cute bottom and I think it is much more charming than the usual crude American use of ass. And it's just like when I see the British term knickers, that just doesn't quite conjure up the same sexy naughtiness of a naughty schoolgirl's fanny in cutie frilly girlie girl panties that just need to be admired, felt, held and lovingly caressed as part of a lovingly playful spanking that makes loving my gorgeous naughty sweethearts so special and arousing. So regardless of nationality, I hope all naughty devils and angels will just enjoy our cousins terms from whichever side of the pond you're on and God bless you Liz for all the naughty fantasies and gorgeous dolls with their beautiful blushing behinds, bottoms and fannies so lovingly spanked. Regardless of terms, this naughty devil loves this site and cute fannies in need of being taken for a good proper over the knee spanking everywhere! =;)

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