Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Posts (Or lack of same!)

If you are interested in an artist's impression of Elizabeth at the moment, look no further than the above. All the different stands of my life are conspiring to entangle me to the point where I can barely move and I'm exhausted with the effort of keeping pace. At least it's better than being bored!

Sorry if I'm not doing much, if anything, on the blog this week, but I hope that next week should be more normal. Look on the bright side, as I slide off into sleep at night, my brain is fecund with ideas on subjects I want express my thoughts on, so all going well once I'm up and running again there should be a few interesting things for you all to wrap your imaginations round.

Pending that, heres a token picture to keep you happy.


  1. Liz,

    Thanks so much for the update. And, thanks again for the two nice visuals.


  2. oh Liz

    Talented creative people like you do tend to exhaust themselves.

    You relax and recharge hun. Have some nice long lay ins. Watch some movies. Spend some nights out with a lover, dancing, drinking just a little too much wine, then have wild sex until dawns light.

    You take as much time as you need and when you are refreshed, come back to us. We will be waiting.

    Be bad ;)

    amber xxx

  3. L

    not good enough, your priorities should,indeed must be, first to yourself then us, your eager 'fans' after all if you do not look after yourself how can you look after us

    but no sympathy - you are in need of a little firmness


  4. I know how that level of exhaustion feels, lady. Take care of yourself.

  5. Take care of yourself Liz, have a peaceful weekend and start next week relaxed and refreshed xx