Sunday, 6 May 2012

Spanking Susan

Oh well. Back at the office after the bank holiday. Coming up for retirement soon so no need to get too wound up it all. Maybe just sit back and have a cup of coffee and have a bit of a think…..

Wonder what Susan will wear today. She’s got such nice legs that Susan so I hope it’s something that shows them off. I like a girl with nice legs, specially when they wear proper stockings. Just a glimpse of the tops when they sit down or bend over, that’s all you need to get you in a good mood….

Whoops! Did I drop off then. I’m always doing that these days. Trouble is, this chair is so comfortable.

What was I thinking about…… Stockings, that’s right. Girls in stockings and short skirts, damn their eyes. Shouldn’t be allowed. Little strumpets showing everything off just to get the men all excited. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of them didn’t have any knickers on.

Need a good spanking most of them. That would teach them a lesson. That’s what would have happened in my father’s day, none of this political correctness rubbish and written warnings. Straight across the knee, take their knickers down and spank them till they’d learned their lesson. Must have been fun, specially with the slow learners….

Shame we can’t to do that with some of the girls we’ve got here. Specially that Susan. Lovely girl but I’m sure she’d be even nicer after a spanking or two. I’m sure she’d appreciate that I was only doing it for her own good. I can just picture her across my knee now, she’d squeal and struggle a bit of course, but that would be half the fun.

Thinking about it, she’d know that it would be my duty to make a good job of it so I’d have to take her knickers down when I spanked her.

Just so she would really feel the full benefit, that’s all. Not for any other reason. Why would I possibly want to get a look at her bare bottom?

Bet it’s a nice one though if the rest of her is anything to go by. Perhaps what I should do would be to make her take her knickers down herself, just so she’d know who was in charge and where she stood with me.

No, thinking about it I’d make her take them right off! That’s it, take her own knickers of completely as she stood there in front of me, and then after I’d spanked her she’d have to ask for them back.

That would be good wouldn’t it! Spend the rest of the day without any knickers on wondering what we’d all get to see when she bent over the filing cabinet. She’d have to come to me at the end of the day, and I can see her standing there, all penitent and embarrassed.

 “Can I have my knickers back, Sir.” And I could really tease her, couldn’t I? “Knickers, Susan? What are you talking about, girl? What knickers?”

“My knickers, Sir.” She’d say all squirming and blushing. “Remember I handed them to you earlier, you know so you could spank me.”

 “Spank you did I? Oh yes, I remember now!”

And I’d fish in my drawer, and there’d be a whole heap of them, lots of silky knickers tumbled about in there that I’d taken from all the other girls I’d spanked and kept there as a memento. And she’d be desperate to get them back so she could put them back on and go home, and so embarrassed that I knew that under her skirt her bottom was bare and still stinging from being spanked so, well, I could get away with anything couldn’t I…

“I’m not sure I’m ready to give them back yet, Susan. You were a very bad girl after all. But maybe if you are very nice to me…. You know what I mean don’t you……Yes that, Oh yes! Exactly that……..”

“Mr Higgins, Sir! You’re snoring!”

“What….! Oh err, sorry, Susan. I think I must have dropped off for a second.”

 “That’s OK . I’ll open the widow and let some fresh air in shall I. Would you like me to make you another cup of coffee?"

“That’s very kind of you, Susan.”

“No problem. I think you must have been dreaming, Sir. You had such a big smile on your face. What was it?”

 “Oh nothing, Susan. Nothing at all!”


  1. Very nice dream. But, how could anyone sleep with someone like Susan in the office?


  2. If you can dream, and not make dreams your master,

    Or being lied about, not deal in lies....

    Rudyard Kipling,


  3. How often I wanted to be Susan when I was working at the restaurant/pub during the first couple years of school.

    I so wanted the handsome manager to spank me when I got an order wrong or bent over way too much in front of the customers knowingly letting my mini skirt show too much for bigger tips.

    Your wonderful, sexy little story reminded me just how often I would daydream of such things you wrote happening at work. Spanked for being a tease, for flirting too much, for anything else he could think of, then it would be back to work with a stinging bottom and then being so distracted that I would make more mistakes and of course have to return to the back room for another spanking for this.

    But what a nice added twist you have given for me to think about. Just what would I have to do to get those panties back? mmmm I can only imagine.

    amber xxx

  4. You are such a naughty girl Amber! I can just see you, bending over in a mini skirt to help earn extra tips. In fact I can see it so clearly I'm going to take a few minutes to let it run through my mind. Who knows what might come from my random thoughts!


  5. L

    you really do like to give your literary sources. which has been noticed before; now is this to show orf your erudition, to teach we your ardent pupils or just in acknowlegement, you, know just in case