Monday, 21 May 2012

Sex, Cinema, and the Perfect Spanking

Even Before I type a word I know I’m going to have problem in keeping this posting in check as there is so much I would like to say about each sub section of it that it could run on for page after page. I will do my best to exercise self discipline, and just for this once, no double meaning is intended.

Where do I start? Despite my fascination with sex and all its pleasures , I have seen surprisingly few sex films, though I have from time to time seen films that have included erotic intervals of one sort or another, a handful of which have moistened the gusset and made Elizabeth a particularly nice girl to be with back home afterwards.  I’m not going to make this any sort of treatise of what constitutes good and bad sex on screen, but I will just mention The Dreamers, an obscure French film which includes some unexpectedly arousing intervals plus a lot of exquisite nudity from its young cast,

or even more obscure, La Bete a film by an Anglo Polish director Walerian Borowczyk which is a real oddity but definitely worth trying to track down.

Somewhat more accessible, it’s worth checking out the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut which is an object lesson in how to keep your guests entertained should you be lucky enough to own a vast mansion in the country and have unlimited credit with your local off licence.

But let me get to the point of all this. How many spanking scenes are there in mainstream cinema that really do the job of convincingly blending in to dramatic narrative and at the same time adding to our mental library of erotic fantasies to be called on when the time is appropriate? Surprisingly few for endless reasons. If you check out the appropriate section in Chross Blogt you can of course see such scenes by the dozen, but should the film be paying lip service to the spanking being integral to a serious narrative then inevitably it will not have the fetishistic elements that are the salt and pepper to the erotic needs of those specifically turned on by the subject.

In a serious drama you cannot have the protagonist telling some mini skirted little minx something like:- “You really are a naughty girl, Deborah! I think that I’m going to have to put you across my knee, pull down those flimsy little knickers of yours and give you a thorough spanking.”

Equally in real life, spankings administered for the sole purpose of correcting the behaviour of an errant female and with no hidden sexual agenda have to be a rare beast indeed.

We all know from our own experience that there can hardly be a man or woman alive who, when taking a miscreant girl across their knee, does not find themselves erotically aroused by it, and let’s be honest, in the vast majority of most cases they are doing it for the sole purpose of making themselves and very likely the girl in question horny.

The first spanking I ever received (See my first ever posting, Introducing Elizabeth) may have been motivated to start with by my then boyfriend being so exasperated with me that he simply had to loose his frustration on me some way or another, but once he had got me pinned over his knee and was pulling down my knickers, there was never any doubt how this was going to end up.

So where is this taking me? Both in cinema and in life there can be no such thing as a perfect spanking, our erotic and punitive needs all subtly different from each other, some preferring to punish that sexy little brat they have been fantasising about for weeks across their knee, others having her bent over a desk with all her charms on blatant display.

Instead of talking about all these variations I will simply touch on a couple of scenarios which are as good as it gets for both parties involved as they offer some degree of credibility to what is taking place, and both of which I can give an example of.

In the film The All American girl, Peggy Church plays the part of an oversexed teenage girl who is determined to seduce the man next door. Let me add I have only seen snippets of this film so I might get the odd detail wrong but I know the gist of it. When she finds an opportunity to be alone with him she tries to kiss him, and although he keeps telling her she should behave she won’t keep her hands off him. Poor man, I can feel all your hearts going out to him ! Anyway as a mature and responsible man and naturally with her moral welfare as his only concern he puts her over his knee and threatens to spank her if se doesn’t stop. What else could a sensitive and caring adult possibly do?

So let’s pause here. Already both of them are in that win win situation that is almost too good to believe. He is in the flattering position of resisting someone’s sexual advances, and all the time he is going through the motions of turning her down he is still getting the pleasure of her sexy teenage body across his knee. For her part, like countless girls before and since, she knows that once a man threatens you with a spanking you have succeeded in making him good and horny, and consciously or unconsciously he is now arousing himself further so it is all now a matter of time.

Back to the film, he gives her a modest spanking and then asks her if she’s going to behave, and of course she refuses, so what else can he do but to spank her again, this time that bit harder. He is in the gloriously unassailable position of being on the moral high ground, and of course has been given this perfect excuse to give this gorgeous little brat a good spanking , ostensibly to protect her from her own sexual misbehaviour. In due course should she tempt him too far leading to his giving in to her, well he tried his best to resist but the poor man is only flesh and blood.

Had this been the perfect screen spanking which, as I stressed at the beginning of this, is unlikely ever to happen, the progressive element of her punishment should have been taken further, exciting both him and us as we watch with our hearts in our mouths.

“Well, I did warn you……” Pulls up skirt.

“It seems I’ve no possible choice…” And down come her knickers.

“Well, if you are going to be that stubborn…” Now taking her knickers right off and maybe even tying her hands, all of this under the guise of doing it to make her behave.

For her of course it is equally exciting. She fancies him like mad, and being manhandled across his knee is arousing in its own right, leaving aside the element of real danger she will experience at that first sharp sting of his hand on her exposed bottom. In the film, the fact that he is spanking her for his sexual gratification becomes all to clear from subsequent scenes,

so for you men out there, should you be lucky enough to find yourself in a similar situation, if you want to retain some semblance of being on the moral high ground, after you’ve spanked the young madam in question don’t then strip her naked and tie her spread eagled across your bed. It’s a bit of a give away that you have some other agenda in mind.

(Oh dear! As I guessed I might I’ve taken way more space than I intended on just this one scenario. I will have to continue this subject with another posting.)


  1. Liz,

    I found the stories in both of your books far more erotic than any spanking I have witnessed in the movies or TV.


    PS Have you seen the two very hot spanking scenes in the TV show Weeds?

  2. Flattery, as they say, will get you everywhere!

    Weeds? Yes, I have seen just one spanking scene(in the back of a car) not any other one. I will check it out.