Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dear Lord....

Dear Lord, I know that it is Thy will that we Your creatures here on earth should be pure and at all times resist the temptation to sin, to fornicate, and to think lustful and impure thoughts.

Please Lord let me serve You in Your will, and to be Thy special servant. Let ME be the object of temptation that Your people have to resist, a vessel of provocation to test their ability to fight their bodily and lustful urges.

Let my breasts be cushions of lustful invitation with nipples that taste of paradise and honey so the urge to suck them will test the resolve of even the most saintly.

Let me clothe myself in lingerie of the finest lace and silk to further advance the allure of my body and make it harder for sinners to fight my blandishments.

Give me a bottom that the very Devil himself would have fashioned for his own special and diabolical purposes, a bottom that offers to both men and women alike the pleasures of Heaven and the damnation of Hell.

Give me the demeanour of an angel at her first communion combined with the seductive skills of the lowest market whore so I can lure and cajole even the priests to wallow in their sinful and lustful needs and therefore expose their duplicity,

and particularly let me mingle with the painted Jezebels as if I were one of them so they feel free to indulge their perverse and filthy practices on my unclothed body.

But so Your children can see that vice and fornication is sin, let me be caught out again and again in my lustful pursuits so I can then be publicly and soundly scourged for my wickedness, and should the administration of that punishment provoke arousal in my tormentor, then You can rejoice in the exposure of yet another sinner.

Dear Lord, even though I will be fulfilling Your will, let me suffer the humiliation of being seen to be spanked like an errant child for my apparent wickedness,

progressively exposed as my punishment progresses till I am naked, and my lush harlot’s body there for all to see in its shame, my bare upturned flesh ringing with the sound of its chastisement as my wicked bottom is crimsoned with punishment.

Let me bent and tied and helpless as those punishing me find ever more inventive ways to show to the multitude that the only way to Your truth is the way of purity and chastity, the way which, were it not for my duty to do Your will, I would otherwise be following,

but always give me the strength and the will to go back and tempt and tease and arouse again,

because as Your special servant, I am prepared to forgo all personal comfort and pleasure until You will it otherwise.



  1. Dear Elizabeth Forster, thank you for writing the article Dear Lord. The prose, plus the photo's and drawing, were perfect. If I had my wish, a heavenly wish, I would love to give you 'six of the best', with a cane, on your most voluptous bare bottom. Amen.

  2. Liz,

    Thank you for being a very special servant who provides your humble readers with the most provocative prose and pictures.


  3. OK


  4. Oh, Liz

    Such noble sacrifices you are prepared to make.

    And for such a selfless cause. If the vatican doesn't consider you for sainthood, then they have no idea what they are doing.

    amber xxx

    oh and, I think you already have many of your wishes to be true already ;)

  5. And that naughty devils rejoice and thank the Lord everyday for his heavenly servant Liz's naughty imagination, may she be blessed with a heavenly luscious blushing fanny for all eternity. Amen.
    Another masterpiece Liz, well done as your luscious fanny will be! xoxo =;)

  6. My dear Ms Elizabeth Forster

    now this has taken things to quite a different plateau - you must indeed have been inspired, what muse i wonder rested on your being to take you here - extraordinary

    but i hope you ae going to hold yourself grounded for the more filthy stuff that is your forte - however you may, from time to time, take us again on such wings of rapture

    now definately one must lie down


  7. Wow!My prayers answered!

    And God, thanks for granting me my wish. I have just bought some purple suspenders I'm dying to try out onthe local scout master. I'll let you know how I get on in my next confession.

    Your obedient child,


  8. L

    what is it about gels and purple - that colour, it just does not work


  9. Holy Cow. A perfect ending to a night of blog reading. I know when to stop and this is it. Thank you!