Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Forever Amber

A comment left by my lovely but incredibly naughty correspondent Amber on my post “Milk and Plain” has sent my imagination in a spin. Apparently she plans on becoming teacher!

Amber my dear girl, how could you feed me such ideas? Instantly I’m full of regrets, I mean, why couldn’t I have had a teacher like her at my school, new and fresh and someone I could have had those special thoughts about that I was prone to in those days,

A teacher that me and my friends could have had a bit of a crush on,

All of us hoping that we would be the one she would single out for the sort of special attention that we secretly loved the idea of,

maybe even giving us the sort of private lessons that only existed in our over heated imaginations.

But of course, in a perfect world, Amber as my fantasy teacher would have a thread of steel running through her, and therefore capable of shooting a frisson of fear through us should she become cross with us for any reason.

That being the case we would wonder if today might be the day that we would be the chosen one to be made an example of, taken across her knee in front of the whole class, our knickers pulled down while she spanks and spanks some obedience in us. Oh please yes, let that be the case! Let it be my bottom stinging with that lovely pain she inflicts with her manicured hand, and let all my friends watch my passion for her be consummated by this public humiliation.

But of course I know more then they do. To the class she’s authority, but to the school she’s simply the newest and youngest teacher, so maybe she’s as much in thrall to the Headmaster as we are, so when the he finds that she uses phrases like “Well writ” , he might just find it necessary to give her some special instruction……!

At least I hope so!


  1. Wow. Very hot post Liz. I think quite a few of you correspondents would have become teachers with a naughty girl like you in their class.


  2. Laughing about the "well writ". It is a good thing I will be teaching math and not English.

    But, Liz, you have gone and put my own imagination into a spin.

    See, there is something I have only told my boyfriend about and that is in the last year and half or so, I have come to recognize that I am having bisexual desires not yet acted upon. And with that newfound realization, has come a want to try my hand at spanking and being spanked by women as well. I have only ever been spanked by my boyfriend, and not have wanted to do the spanking before.

    You have now got me thinking all kinds of ideas about the naughty young ladies who will be in my class and perhaps not paying attention, talking out, cheating on the trigonometry test I have given, etc. Oh how they will need discipline.

    And what of the young English teacher who has heard me butcher the English language and having found how I discipline my female students, she decides I need a lesson in speaking properly that sessions over her lap after school will sort out.

    How ever am I going to get thru the days? Especially having read your site the night before and still having your latest posts running thru my head playing havoc and fueling fantasies!

    A great post Liz. and one I am honored to be part of and have inspired

    amber xxx

    ... oh and joey you are so right. There would be fights to be the one teaching the class Liz is in and bribes paid to be the substitute should the teacher be ill.

  3. You are so right Amber.

  4. I think we should all be transported back to the 1950's when naughty Elizabeth is already in the upper 6th, soon to leave school, but for the moment still subject to its discipline.

    One can but dream :)

  5. Excuse me, Sir Stephen, I hope you are not suggesting that I was in the Upper Sixth in the nineteen fifties. I may not be a maths genius, but that would make me about seventy nine!

    And Amber, I don't want to influence a young girl at the very beginnings of her life, but should an opportunity present itself for a little modest dallince with of one of your own gender, someone with limpid eyes and a hunger to learn from you, someone who would appreciate the sort of lesson that can only be learned across the knee, don't turn it down. You mightjust find a whole new erotic world opening its petals to you.

    I most certainly did!