Friday, 4 May 2012

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets and other random musings

I watched Shakespeare in Italy last night on TV presented by that most seductive man Franco da Mosta, a Venetian aristocrat whose honeyed voice told us of Shakespeare’s connections with that most beguiling of countries and various related stories of love sex and romance.

Reference of course was made to the Dark Lady of the Sonnets, almost certainly Shakespeare’s mistress for some years, and being dark myself it struck a chord. We all have self images, the idealised version of the person we are or want to be, and being always so busy with far too many things, in the fantasy life that I would love to live there would be hours of perfumed idleness where I could simply indulge in the pleasure of my body and my surroundings.

Of course this self indulgent female is something of a temptress, her languorous limbs and smoky eyed glances enough on their own to light fires in the loins of those who find themselves in he presence, and if the urges she ignites are to punish as well as to pleasure, well It’s something she is prepared to live with.

I’m giving you a couple of such females here, one from an Italian cinema poster, and the other a drawing by Vargas. (I will be doing a posting about him next week in case you are unfamiliar with him and is work.) Both are dark, both naked or as near as not to matter, and both adopting that most inflammatory of poses, with faces down and their bottoms a cushioned invitation to be kisses and caressed , or very likely soundly spanked for creating such urges.

 The question is, should I be soundly spanked for feeding you with all these ideas? Maybe I should, and if that’s what you think, well here’s an image to help you picture me presenting myself to you to be punished.

The rest is down to you.


  1. Liz,

    You are a "dark lady" indeed to tease and tempt us with that last photo.


    PS Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. "The question is, should I be soundly spanked for feeding you with all these ideas?"

    This made me smile. To ask such of an audience enraptured with your wit, charm, and provocative naughtiness with your incredible way with words and pictures.

    I think you could ask this for months on end and not get a "no" ;)

    I will have more time to read thru your back posts after I graduate, but I have found that in addition to your site being highly um stimulating, it is also educational.

    I am afraid I was quite the naughty student in high school, unfortunately never punished by the authoritative men and women trying their best to give me an education, and did not learn a lot that I probably should have. I have not read a complete work of Shakespear's, have not heard of the dark lady of sonnets, nor of Vargas. You have captured my interest to learn of these things in a way none of my teachers could have. :)

    amber xxx

  3. My beautiful Johnny punished me so good