Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sex Cinema and the Perfect Spanking (Cont.)

So where was I before I ran out of space and time in my last post? That’s right, talking about perfect spanking scenarios in life and in the cinema.

Having given one example from The All American Girl. let’s move on to another, and again one where both parties luck out. This is where a girl find her self caught out by an authority figure in some misbehaviour, generally sexual, and is faced with some unexciting but unacceptable punishment that she wants to avoid at all costs.

Classically this is dismissal, expulsion or, worst of all, parents being told of her wanton behaviour. Naturally her feminine wiles come into play and, doe eyed and with a show of innocence that we all know is not remotely innocent, she offers a suggestion that she knows that man will find it almost impossible to refuse.

“Well, Sir….” Rubbing a girlish finger up and down his chest, “ I suppose…..” Big eyes meeting his, their softness counterpointing the hardness that is taking over certain crucial parts of his anatomy. ”I suppose instead of that you could always spank me!”

How absolutely perfect! She knows that it will be almost impossible for any normal man say no to an invitation like this and that she will get her way. She is not doing anything that could be categorised as improper as she’s not offering him sex, the very idea, but merely submitting herself to an appropriate punishment for a naughty girl like her who, according to her various boyfriends, has been asking for a good spanking for ages.

And if it all ends up that once he’s got her supine and submissive across his knee with her dress nearly up to her armpits that human nature takes over, well that was the very last thing on her mind. It’s not her fault if men are such animals.

As for him it’s a dream come true. He’s being issued with a free ticket to enjoy himself in ways he can scarcely believe, and all of it with a clear(ish) conscience. Time and again he’s fantasised about giving one of the young madams in his charge a good spanking and now he can do it for real.

“Well….” As if it’s a really hard decision for him to make. “Well all right then, but you do realise that as you’ve been so bad I would have to spank you very thoroughly.”

“Of course, Sir. I do understand.”

 “And well, I’d have no choice but to take your knickers down.”

“Oh I see! I hadn’t realised, I mean…….”

“Well, if you’d prefer I told your parents.”

“No – that’s all right, Sir! Of course you must take my knickers down. I have been a very bad girl.”

 And so on and so on. We’ve all been there, or at least have fantasised about it enough times.

This scenario is done to perfection in the film Blonde in Black Silk. Regrettably I don’t have the technology to give it to you, but the appropriate clip of it can be found in the cinema section of Chross Blogt.

I have to say that the spanking that follows is of no great consequence, but the build up to it, for me at least is as good as it gets.

And have I ever used the same device myself to get out of trouble? My lips are sealed!


  1. Welcome back, Liz.

    I do hope that you are refreshed and relaxed.

    I get what you are saying about movies in these last posts. There are so many examples of scenes that titilate our fantasies and get our imaginations going. Then there are the scenes where we watch and though nothing happens, we are practically shouting good lord she needs a spanking and start thinking about how that will play out. But, to find a scene that goes from build up to finale in a way which satisfies, I imagine is rare to none.

    Perhaps it is because when it all comes down to it, they really are acting. Without the feelings and desires as part of our nature, actors and actresses can't possibly capture the essence of a scene that we would consider "perfect".

    That is not to say that it does not do good. It was old movies played late at night that I would watch after sneaking downstairs after mom and dad went to sleep, that awakened my interests when I would see handsome cowboys and detectives and the like spanking naughty ladies and I realized I want some of that.

    Now should hollywood hire us (you and your readers) to take part in a movie, now then, I am positive we would be seeing perfect or at least near perfect scenes ;)

    amber xxx

  2. L

    well, first - nice posting Amber, if that's what these messages between us are nown as, thoughtful, fully textured and intelligent

    instead of those sometimes truncated nothingnesses - you, Elizabeth, deserve proper(er,improper)responses and feedback

    secondly, loved the bitten lips poses - it's these small things that can swing the ordinary into the exceptional

    ah, and Amber if you get anywhere with Hollywood and your project, let me know i'm up for it . . .



    1. nown, nown mm . . . what can i be writing about, what can be in my mind


  3. Hmm! Have you two got something going?


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