Thursday, 24 May 2012

Every picture tells a story!

I didn’t scrape your car THAT badly!

Wow! You want to spank both of us! Well bags me first!

Yes I’ve taken my knickers off, Sir. Do you want to spank me down here or shall I go up to your bedroom?

And to think I used to buy all your records!

Look, I’ve never been spanked before. Please let me have just one drink first.

OK! You’ve won your reward again. Is it across your knee or across the bed this time?

Of all days to not wear any knickers!

This time I'm really in trouble!


  1. Absolutely delicious as usual Liz, you have a unique talent for finding the right pictures to tease and titillate. Long may it continue :)

  2. Terrific Liz. Thank you.

  3. I always love your talent to match your words with pictures whether it be in your sexy photo stories or your fun and naughty photo captions :)

    amber xxx

  4. l

    gosh i always so chime with what Amber writes

    this undeed could be the start of something special . .

    and all you fault Miss Elzabeth

    J (mm . . . i nearly too added a kiss, you got three from Amber, but hey, let's not allow things to get out of control)

  5. Very good indeed , the main thing that caught my attention was the caption *I did not scrape your car that badly*. Obviously you did hence the reason for the spanking; it is good to know that personal ACOUNTABILITY still exists.

    Correction Man.

  6. Well, I do seem to be making a lot of people happy, which I suppose is what this is all about.

    Now what can I think of next.....?