Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spare a thought for poor Elizabeth!

It will take me a moment to get where this is going , but be patient as I promise it will all make sense eventually. I’m going to start by telling you that I’m a great fan of Woody Allen’s films, particularly his early ones, and in one of them, Sleeper, one of the scenarios is all too close to an aspect of my own life, something I have to deal with, almost on daily basis. In the film he has been deep frozen and comes alive at some time in the distant future where peoples’ day to day needs are largely served by technology. Circumstance making him go on the run, he disguises himself as a robot butler in an affluent household, and at a party one of his duties is to pass round a metal sphere to the guests who each hold it for a moment then give it back to him so he can hand it to the next guest.

Some of you will have already guessed it. Yes, the ball’s function is similar to the “Orgasmatron” in Barbarella, that is, in this imaginary future , all the sexual arousal that anybody needs is pulsing from this sphere, and simply holding it for a moment is enough to get each person trembling with erotic satisfaction. About thirty seconds is as much exposure that any of the guests can cope with, but in his role as a robot, Woody Allen is not expected to feel anything and has to hold it for minutes at a time. The humour in the situation is watching him staggering from guest to guest, cross eyed with sexual over load and all the time trying not to give away that he is melting with lust.

Now what has this got to do with me? A lot more than you might realise. Several times a week, for the sole purpose of lighting erotic fires in the loins of all you lovely but all too naughty people out there I am obliged to bring you stories of wicked wenches,

spanking sapphists,

naughty nuns,

juicy young men,

and provocative secretaries

leaving aside the sort of precocious schoolgirls who only exist in your over heated imaginations.

I have to conjure up erotic scenarios carefully designed to make you reach in your pants to still the weeping overload.

I have to trawl through page after page of erotica to find images of lustful girls whose sole purpose in life seems to be to stimulate and seduce anyone who comes within their orbit,

Most of whom end up being  soundly spanked for dressing and behaving like sluts ,

and indeed who have actively brought on their punishment by their outlandish dress(or lack of it)

their provocative poses,

or their apparently throw away remarks,

each carefully chosen to leave you awash with fluid.

 And it doesn’t stop there. Most weeks to keep all you naughty girls happy I feel obliged to bring you a nice fat cock or two, so you can fantasise about what they might feel like in your girl’s soft lips,

or in your manipulating fingers,

lovely erect cocks stiff and quivering with the need to penetrate and erupt.

Yes, are you all getting the point now? What I’m saying is at I’m human too, not a robot, so all too vulnerable to getting aroused by this stuff. Spare a thought for me, driven to self stimulate by my own words or some accompanying illustration that is so delicious it drives out all other thoughts.

And it doesn’t simply stop with self pleasuring. More often than not, the need to live out some of these fantasies is too much for a young impressionable girl and I’m forced to pick up the phone on whichever accommodating man is likely to suit the particular need best.

Yes, exactly! There’s some poor man out there who has to suffer as well, so spare a though for him too.

“Is that you Peter? Yes, it’s Elizabeth. You see I’ve been such a naughty girl, and I just thought that if you came round and punished me then……..”


  1. L

    oh you tease Elizabeth, i could barely control my mouse to get to the end of this posting, delectable as the pictures were

    i was convinced you had bought a Sybian and taken it for a ride


  2. Liz,

    I have seen most of his movies and I remember vividly the robot scene. I certainly empathize with your predicament. You do manage to find the most erotic photos and spice them with such incredible erotic sentiments.

    Empathy yes, but you are still a very naughty young lady who wantonly teases us and sparks our overheated imaginations. So, yes, despite my gratitude, you most certainly require a good thrashing for your "dirty" deeds.


  3. I understand what you mean, Liz.

    While we recognize that your site is one of the best if not the best there is, we see only the final product of each entry.

    I think we all now have a better idea of what you go thru to let us see your marvelous creativity and way with words that stimulate our fantasies and libidos.

    To make you feel better, keep in mind that you have a LOT of guys and several girls who are ready and willing to help relieve your suffering ;)

    Thank you for all you do, Liz

    amber xxx

  4. Thank You all. I will try and soldier on regardless of the toll it takes on me!

    But J, well! Have I been living a sheltered life all these years? A Sybian! I'd truly never even heard of such a thing, but having looked it up, my goodness! What a wicked man you have to be to know about such things. Not sure I would ever travel in the back of a taxi with you after this!


  5. L

    dammit i have already been coded as 'not safe in a cab'

    so again i've been rumbled - but if you did venture we would have an interesting conversation - what


  6. I am enraptured with your work! I stumbled on your blog quite by accident and have returned many times since.

    Somehow you capture the underlying erotic tension of all this and serve it up for the rest of us to enjoy. Much more titillating than the commercial video sites, probably because you deal so effectively with the human aspect.

    Hope you keep it going for a long time to come.

  7. L

    had more time to fully digest the last amazing posting and refected on how considerate you are

    this is in your choosing chaps in a certain state of er, arousal that do not cause us chaps any concern of er, configuration - unlike the concern (that i understand ladies can feel threatened in being faced with magazine slender skinnyness and bosoms of structural and seemingly architectural impossibilty)

    thank you, we feel quite safe and unthreatened in our competitiveness and should we be required to line up for inspection, quite comfortable - do you do uniforms i wonder


  8. Dear J, the idea of you all men lined up for inspection is an interesting one. I think however that it would call for a good number of my female followers to be there to lend a hand should any of you appear not to be up to the job. I'm sure you would be quite happy with that.

    Oh well! A girl can dream!

    Moving on, thank you Anonymous for your kind comments, and the idea of you being "Enraptured" by my work is really pleasing. I seriously mean that.

    I have no plans to give up in the near future, so you should be able to go on enjoying my posts for a little while longer yet.