Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I don't know much about Carrie having only just discovered her. Apparently Carrie was a cartoon strip in the lad's magazine, Mayfair in the late nineteen sixties. She was drawn by different artists during different periods so did not always look quite the same. In common with other girls in such strips she was chirpy and sexy and constantly finding herself in scrapes which ended in her being sexually humiliated, or naked, or spanked, or any combination of all three.

I've not been able to find many pictures, but the few I have are here. If any of you can give me a link to any of the images of her getting a spanking I would be really grateful.


  1. I think the first one is from "Wicked Wanda" by Fred Mullally and Ron Embleton. That was in
    Penthouse if the brain cells haven't deteriorated too far.

    Carrie was from Mayfair.

    It worries me that I get anal about this....

  2. Good to have an expert amongst us. Feel free to be as anal as you like; as most of this was before my time, I need someone who was there to tidy things up occasionally.


  3. My pleasure; An excellent blog that appeals to me immensely. Not of course that I would in any way suggest that your errors need correction.....