Thursday, 23 September 2010

To mark the papal visit

With the Pope paying us a call, maybe it‘s an appropriate time to re-visit some naughty nuns, so here's a few to think about. Hard to say which is my favourite, but I've got a definite soft spot for the art class, the pretty young nuns enjoying an excuse to ogle a naked man, and one by the look of him with a very nice body. It's such a shame he hasn't got a stiffy, that would really give it all quite an edge.

I’m also very taken with the nun pleasuring herself in the light of the window, the photography captures the mood perfectly and the whole thing has a wonderful ethereal quality. You can almost share in her silent arousal as she gazes into the distance pondering on all the sexual pleasures she has abandoned.

And then something quite different, a pretty girl, stockinged and short skirted, about to have her knickers lowered by a nun getting ready to punish her young bottom with a long ruler. But this is no ordinary nun, her firm breasts are cross strapped and semi visible, so very likely this will be no ordinary punishment. Who knows, it may well be that fluids will have been exchanged before evensong.

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