Monday, 20 September 2010

Dear Elizabeth....

Dear Elizabeth,,

I’ve got nice legs and like to show them off when I can. When my befriend takes me out to dinner I always wear very short skirts or dresses. He seems to like this and flirts with me a lot over the table, and he enjoys it when the waiters pay me lots of attention and do thing like drop forks to give them an excuse to get a better look. But when we get home he always puts me straight across his knee and spanks me for being a little strumpet and a show off.

What should I do?


Dear Poppy,

Wear even shorter skirts


Dear Elizabeth,

My new boss is very attractive, but he’s also very strict. He spanks me for the making smallest mistake, and now I seem to be spending more time across is knee with my panties down than I do at my desk working.

Now he’s told me that on Wednesday he wants me to go back to his flat after work so he can punish me properly. He’s said to make sure I bring my toothbrush.

Should I be worried?


Dear Caroline,

There’s no need to worry at all. Being spanked with a toothbrush won’t hurt a bit. Had he said to bring bathbrush it would have been different. That can be really painful.


Dear Elizabeth,

I’m a studying for a degree in fine arts, but keep finding that a lot of the paintings are really quite sexy which I means I keep breaking off from my work to masturbate. I’m now spending more time masturbating than studying.

What should I do?


Dear Lucinda

Switch your course to a degree in erotic art. That will give you even more excuses to masturbate.


Dear Elizabeth,

If I’m late for work or make mistakes, my boss punishes me by making me take my skirt off, so for the rest of the day all the men in the office get to see my stocking tops, suspenders, and knickers.

Do you have any advice?


Dear Jane,

Stop wearing knickers


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