Thursday, 23 September 2010

Purely for the girls!

If you are a girl and you are reading this, then there's a more than even chance that you are the sort of wicked little minx who enjoys being taken over the knee of the dominant man (or assertive woman) in your life, having your provocative little panties taken down and your bare bottom soundly spanked for what ever wickedness is was you did to earn it this time. (I shouldn't have written that. It's got me quite excited thinking about it!)

On that assumption, it occurs to me that you could copy and make prints of this picture, then keep them in your handbag to use as visiting cards. I've little doubt that if you meet an attractive male at an otherwise respectable dinner party, and give him your phone number scribbled on the back, he won't forget to call.

If any of you do, PLEASE let me know how you get on!


  1. That kind of forward thinking is liable to get one spanked!

    I love it.

  2. i wish u could realize the damage ur doing 2 all girls everywhere. 1.3 girls r raped every MINUTE n the us. i hope 1 day ur not 1 of these girls!!!