Friday, 24 September 2010

A good old fashined spanking

I'm a romantic at heart, love all the trappings of it, moonlight, flickering candles, soft pillows, poetry and perfume. But sometimes people's needs are more primal, wanting the roughness of a thorough fuck rather than gentle lovemaking. Getting back to first principals.

With that though in mind, let me finish the week’s postings by going back to basics. Sometimes it's necessary to get away from wit and wisdom, from clever words and repartee, and to focus on what the crowds are baying for, so here, in all their exposed glory are a good handful of not good girls; naughty girls who have been asking for it and are now getting it. That's right, pinned into place with their knickers down and their protests ignored, these little minxes are about to get the thorough bare bottomed spanking they've been asking for.

A little lacking in subtlety, some of you may be thinking and you would be right, but every now and then that's just what is needed.


  1. Such delightful pictures, sometimes simplicity is the best thing, skirt up, panties down, being soudly spanked as a naughty girl.


  2. Just what all naughty girls need.....over the knee with their knickers down for a sound bare-bottom macking!


  3. Lots of pictures here of M/F spankings. Lovely female bottoms of course but I do prefer F/M across the knee spankings.But I guess I cannot have it all my own way. Men spanking women does not excite me apart from the fantastic bottoms these females possess.I would like to see more of the F/M scenarios particularly drawings.