Monday, 13 September 2010

She said she's going to spank me!

She said she's going to spank me!

She told me in the park

The thought of it makes me go all swoony!

And excited!

Should I wait in bed in my pyjamas?

Or simply put on my shortest skirt?

Perhaps she'd like me in stockings

Should I leave my knickers off?

Or just take them down ready for her

Maybe I should dress up for her, perhaps a French maid ?

Or a naughty Nurse?

But whats wrong with being naked?

But however I'm dressed, I know I want her to spank me, and that then she'll make everything wonderful!


  1. emmmmm..I would love it
    totally naked upon her knees
    what a vision you gave me! ..
    thanks miss

  2. Beautiful photo series, Elizabeth. I love the selection and the accompanying lines.

  3. Glad you liked it. It was certainly fun putting it together!