Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The upright member for London

As my blog recently seems to have moved into very cerebral areas (The minutia of language, art history, and the exchange of latin tags) I thought I’d go for broke and have a stab at politics, so here in all his glory is the haystack headed Mayor of London, Boris Johnston.
By the look him he’s in the process of expanding a major point, quite an impressive one though clearly not fully developed yet and I would say it needs working on before we can really appreciate its thrust. Personally I think that like most men, he needs the sort of encouragement and stimulation that only women can give, and with a small bunch of us to help him along all will be well. We’ll have to be professional about it, and taking an approach of just suck it and see will not be enough, but once we girls work out exactly how to handle him properly (we mustn’t rub him up the wrong way) I’m sure after quite a short time he’ll be discharging his duties impressively and we can move on to some other needy candidate.

(Having used up all my cheap willy jokes, let me remind all the defamation lawyers out there that of course it’s not Boris Johnson, more’s the pity! )

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  1. L
    all quite outrageous but one realises that that's for the ladies
    ah, but ameliorated by the 'after dinner delicacy' ah so happiness - thanks
    on refelection he really is rather a 'healthy' young man