Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ninteen sixty three

In nineteen fifty three it was the Queen's coronation and man conquered Everest for the first time, but a mere ten years later other things happened which were much more exciting and changed the British sexual way of life for ever. According to Phillip Larkin, nineteen sixty three was the year sexual intercourse began which, famously, was a bit too early for him. From the public's reaction to a scandal that broke out the very same year, it was a bit too early for a lot of people.

In the early sixties, most people had heard of sexual intercourse, though not all of them had actually tried it for themselves. Sexual intercourse was what men did with their wives on a Saturday night with the landing light on, but that was about it, but then the Profumo affair hit the headlines which told us all far more things about sex than a lot of people wanted to know. No only had a government minister had sex with a call girl, but it was sex of a type people had scarcely heard of which involved whippings, spankings, mirrors and naked women in leather boots.

This was all something of a revalation and suddenly quite ordinary men realized for the fist time that there could be more to sex than they had appreciated up until now, and that maybe sex with their mistress might be just hat bit more fun if she kept her stockings on and if they tied her up first.

More significantly they also started to understand why spanking their pretty teenage daughter with her knickers down always gave them such a warm feeling, and that perhaps they'd better stop doing it. They moved on to spanking their secretary instead which resulted in an even warmer feeling and a glut of late nights at the office

As for the teenage daughter, freed of parental tyranny she bought herself a mini skirt and got spanked by her boyfriend for making such an exhibition of herself. This had the effect of getting them both massively excited, but as she was now on the pill they could thoroughly indulge themselves afterwards. All in all the world was becoming a happier and freer place and walking down the streets of fashionable London you could almost feel the pavements rumble with collective orgasms. Best of all, the concept of 'normal' in sex started to fade like the Cheshire Cat's grin. To hell with normal when kinky was so much more arousing, and the conclusion was that there's only one normal and that's what makes you feel good.

As for what makes me feel good in the bedroom, if you don’t know already, just keep reading the blog and it will all become very clear

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  1. Sex was, in fact, 'rather late' for Phillip Larkin. He wrote:

    Sexual intercourse began in 1963 (which was rather late for me) -- Between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles first LP.