Thursday, 30 September 2010

Three spankable girls

Three exquisitely spankable females, each as perfect in their own way as can be. One limpid eyed, bare bottomed and expectant, waiting in the bedroom for her lover, unsure what his visit will mean, but whatever it might be, knowing that she wants it. Whatever arabesques their journey to it might take, they will inevitably end the night with their naked limbs twined together like honeysuckle tendrils. That is a given, and if means that first her delectable buttocks will have been sequinned with pain, then it will only mean that all their other congress will be so much sweeter.

The next a girl is already in position to be punished, across his knee and her spanking so imminent that in her head she can already hear the sound of his hand on her not yet bared flesh. It won't be long now. Her dress is so short that even before it has been pulled up, her knickers are visible, and in a moment he will have taken them down and her innocence will be behind her. She will have joined the sisterhood of the spanked, and ever after she will know exactly what to expect.

And lastly a girl, possibly too gorgeous for her own good, blatantly displaying all she has, her long sleek legs and her polished and perfumed pudenda, so groomed and buffed she considers it as waste not to show it off. She'll pay the price of course, they way we all have when we’ve got too pleased with ourselves, (don't remind me!) wriggling and gasping across the knee as her perfect bottom is spanked and spanked to remind her that even these days a little modesty is not such a bad thing.


  1. Very nice, I loved the imagery...and the images.

  2. Thank you. Also thank you for your own unusual and most intriguing blog.


  3. The top photo is the most delicious one; have seen it elsewhere and marvelled at the white, tender, impertinent bottom, the trim blue blazer, the curly hair, and that look on her face as she looks back at one.

  4. luv those pins. cor....