Thursday, 2 September 2010



  1. L
    oh yes, yes - actually all very innocent but once the word 'decadent' is introduced then one's imagination starts to ratchet

    if it weren't a chap thing then one could almost swoon with . . . well let's use our imagination here

    ps as i think of this as a scenaria the only real complication is the hair styles and that is a must - so i like the idea, the anticipation that the primping and pampering the nymphs would receive in the build up - but being a practical, though romantic, chap wigs come to mind - my mind is working - so again thanks for this - do you i wonder have a reference or link for more
    - oh, that reminds i used to know a girl who liked to be spanked now and again, not now and again but now and again and again and again . . .

  2. Sorry I can't give you a link for this. Can't even remember where I got it from. I have to say though, as a romantic at heart myself, I really love it.