Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Punishment and Pleasure

Credit for this drawing must go to Au fils du jour from whom I borrowed it, but being me I could not resist giving it a modest Elizabeth makeover.

What a wonderful drawing it is! Beautifully decadent and with a real feel of exactly how a finger is crooked when giving pleasure to an inverted female. Having been in this position myself, both on the giving and receiving end, it struck a real chord. A punishment always has an additional edge if one has been stimulated first, and if the man knows what he's doing and brought her to just the right pitch, after only a short way into the spanking the lucky girl will have an orgasm, pleasure and punishment melded into a perfect cocktail.

Should this happen then of course it is the girl's absolute duty to repay the compliment, showing her appreciation in the ways that only a young freshly spanked and knickerless girl can. I'm sure it's not necessary for me to say that should the girl in question not know how to do this then, quite frankly, a spanking is wasted on her!

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