Thursday, 9 September 2010

Spanking and feminism

I know I'm opening a great can of worms posting this, men of a certain age nodding sagely and feminists up in arms against me.

And where do I stand on this thorny issue? I don't need to describe myself as a liberated woman as I'm lucky enough that, as an educated single female who is financially, socially and intellectually independent there has never been anything I ever needed to be liberated from. As such, I have complete charge of my sexual fantasies, and if they happen to include my being turned into a naughty girl who needs a good spanking from time to time, it is my own decision; if I have organized my life so that actually happens, it means I'm very fortunate indeed.

Enjoying being spanked means having an additional and exciting element spicing up your sex life, and that has to be a good thing. Overwhelming it does not mean having to be a victim or a drudge. Most of you will remember that not long ago there was a tabloid scandal about Max Mosley the wealthy and powerful head of motor racing who was discovered in a specialist club being whipped and dominated by a handful of sexualised females dressed as Nazis. Unsurprisingly there was a lot of prurient tutting about this, but no one for a second suggested that the poor chap was a victim. If I may say so he was more of a victim than I am as he paid heavily for this service, but not once has a boyfriend of mine between pulling me across his knee and taking down my panties asked me just how much I was going to pay him for the pleasure.

In summary, where is a women s place? It's anywhere they chose it to be, and if its bare bottomed across a man's knee because it makes both her and him happy, then it sound a good place to be.


  1. L
    it should not be a 'can of worms' but mm . . . let's see

    yes, from this chap's view it is simply 'anywhere they choose', as so aptly phrased - you see i'm not insecure as those who may bluster invariably are, rather like the homophobes being afraid of their own feelings, quite threatened, but what do i know, mm . . . actually a good deal

    and even if, out of perversity, should they choose to 'switch' yes it has been known to happen, sush let's experiment - then so be it

    incidentally it wasn't a 'club' - one shall say no more, see what happens with just a little knowledge, exaggeration, distortion,inuendo galore and er., shall we say just not knowing

  2. L
    mm . . . just reflected

    even worse, L, you even got the Nazis bit wrong that was just the very point at issue - oh dear let's say no more

    but spankings if not even worse are called for, such as 'corner time'

  3. You might well be right, but remember 'de minimius non curat lex' (the law is not concerned with trifles)


  4. L
    you will understand i'm becoming quite fond of you, in an avuncular sort of way, and we can have enjoyably civilised exchanges without rancour

    so then, oh i do cavil when a translation, of a supposedly appropriate latin tag is dropped in, as a throw away - let those evesdropping who may be a little unsure do a little homework to keep up

    but, but, but i do feel though that particular one is a non-sequitur you have thrown in

    enough said though - on with our 'mutual interest'


  5. L
    i am a loss to understand why there has been no female response to your 'can of worms' item it is an amazingy opportunity for what must be a seething topic
    however i have commended this site to a number of my 'fans' and suggested they might like to comment they are usually quite vocal on such a matter - but, disappointedly, i see nothing
    they love the site, i have assured anonymity in the clever way this site works - but nothing yet;
    actually one quite clever 'fan' suggested you were a fella - oh, shock
    but i wonder whether there is a big 'readership'- apart from the obscure little section at the beginning there are no links so in turn none to this site - i stumbled, rather pleasingly, via my french connection - but that was serendipity
    well what's to be done - it may be you, L, are quite happy with this little hidden niche but honestly this is of such high quality content there are many who would be astonished and delighted - so a charge to be a member, a sponsor but that would intruduce interference and no guidance is needed here, you are talent unsurpassed
    i don't know but it is late and i ramble, perhaps this may line may be picked up - come, in the nicest possible way,ladies do wrie

  6. L
    well having waxed, helpfully i hoped, i was knocked back to find that my froggy pals at 'Au fils des jours . . .' have picked up 'our' string on 'Ancient 8/9 september' over the provenance of the delicious manuscript item 'entre les dents!' 'je ne as donne a personne!'and included the picture you sourced with full credit to Elizabeth Forster, the quest for the what, they say, is a 300 year old parchemont - so more may come on this
    may i suggest, L, a special picture on your site just for the French noting their interest - if possible with a brief narrative in French, a nice conceit
    i would knock something out but i do not know the sort of pictiure you may find suitable - i was going to click out a genaralised something but time is at my heels and i will catch up later - how exciting

  7. Have yet to check out the French site on this but will do so.(Time horribly short.) All very
    flattering though.

    Your previous comment, yes I would appreciate more female input to my site, but hopefully it will come.

    As for the suggestion that I am crested, not cloven, when I first started the site I had it headed up with a nude photograph of me (posing on couch,half sideways, head turned away from camera), but decided that it was a dangerous thing to do with a number of "respectable" people in my aquaintence having no idea of this side of my life, and removed it.


  8. Elizabeth
    i have been watching all of this unfold with wide eyes and enjoying all else on Sexuelle never thinking i could jump in but here goes and as for the Select a Profile thing that has me flumuxed and unsure as indeed making the very step to come in, as it seems no matter one ends up being well it's pretty obvious isn't it
    i suppose, so i am slightly nervous - foolish isn't it
    well i think the original idea of you tastefully draped across the heading, though appealing, evidences nothing, it could be anyone if you was a fella
    frankly though spendimg some time on the site and reading between the lines Elizabeth is Elizabeth
    i just adore the expression Crested not Cloven i shall be using that somehow over the next week or so - i trust it does not get me into trouble
    well gosh that was all rather easy so i shall return to the Can of Worms theme as that really got me thinkig
    thank you Elizabeth

  9. Hullo Geraldine. Good to have one of the fair sex making a contribution. Don't worry about the technical side, not being technical myself setting up the blog was a horror. Thank God I seem to be on top of it now.

    I'm afraid the choice of words is not orginal. It's from Elizabeth the First when under attack from her ministers. "If I were crested and not cloven, you would not treat me thus."

    Glad you're enjoying the blog.


  10. Elizabeth - I didn't know I had an ivory tower until I found this - it is the most sensual blog I have ever read, and the glimpse into you from reading it is extraordinary. Thank You.

  11. Thank you so much for that comment. I feel it comes from the heart, and it is good to be appreciated.

    That you refer to the Ivory Tower suggests that you have read my opening posting, and that pleases me as to me it is the clue to what this entire blog all about.

    I hope you go on enjoying it.