Friday, 17 September 2010

Tidying up!

I was doing some tidying in the house, and came across a book hidden away in the top of a cupboard.

I simply had to read it. It was about a girl who is captured by a Russian soldier. They have lots of sex but he is very strict with her and spanks her whenever she doesn't do what she's told.

I found it very arousing, and it got to the point where I simply had to go into my bedroom and masturbate while I thought about it.

My boyfriend caught me, and there and then he gave me a quick spanking 'on account'.

Later when he had more time he spanked me properly. He put me across his knee, took down my knickers and this time he made a thorough job of it, all the while telling me what a wicked little minx I was. Of course he's right.

As my special friend Alison loves to be told about all about it when I've been spanked I went round to see her. We both got quite excited and then she comforted me the way she always does which was very nice.

When I got back, I thought about all the things that had happened which got me aroused again. I know I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't stop myself and went into my bedroom and masturbated again. The difference was, this time I left the door open as I wanted him to catch me!

You've guessed the rest haven't you. Yes he spanked me yet again!

If I'm lucky, this could go on and on!


  1. is there no way we can get this Elizabeth person under control - all this hyperactivity is too, too much

    dammit, woman just slow down so we can catch up . . . and then try and keep up with you

    i will be away for a while and out of internet contact and just dread what i am going to face on my return


  2. As I've said before, and as you very well know, you are a very naughty lady both in your thoughts and in your is just very appropriate that you regularly end up with a very red and very sore bottom.


  3. Naughty! Moi?

    Anyway, so long as I'm keeping you all happy and horny, then I'm probably doing a good job.