Friday, 3 September 2010

Picture story

Which of us have to be spanked this time, Sir?

Us two! It's always us two!

You want us naked this time. Could be fun!

Here he comes!

We're ready, Sir.

I’ll leave the rest of it to you. After their spanking, does their teacher comfort them in ways we all know too well, or do they show their appreciation to him for giving them the discipline they need so often? Or then again, do they take their revenge on the third girl who, this time at least, escaped being spanked?

Come on, get those imaginations working!

1 comment:

  1. I could not believe these young ladies were back again, in less than a week for more 'punishment'! I opened the door and almost got knocked over in their rush to enter. We have been very naughty again they announced!I looked at the notes they handed me which gave salacious and fictitous details of their offences!Whilst I read them they must have stripped off completely ,except for their black nylon stockings.!So there they were 5 naughty young ladies, pusssies all shaved,
    standing in a row!. They had decide the spanking order and I told them I would spank a little harder and longer.My announcement was greeted not with dismay but a big OOH!,and one called out Sir is going to be stricter with us this time,ladies! More exclamations of delight as I got started !I gave extra spanks and on the lower bottom and tops of thighs! all this did was to inflame their desires! The time for 'Afters' came and wished I had known they were comimg-I would have sprinkled some viagra on my cornflakes ! When the turn of the last two
    came I had to warm up their'after glow' making the others jealous!I kissed them all goodbye adding a couple of pats on their Bottoms!
    PS. I almost picked up the phone! Thanks BH