Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Artists and models

Artists and models, the very phrase has a resonance: visions of long haired dark eye lashed men and young naked models with bodies like ripe fruit spring to mind. And of course the boundless sex between them when the artist's frenzy to mount his muse takes over from his previous obsession to have her every dint and dimple faith fully reproduced on canvas, easel and paint scattering in all directions as they howl in pleasure.

Not the current crop of artists of course, the chicken in formalhyde, and inside-out house lot with their video installations and condoms full of their own poo. I'm talking about a breed that was fading at the turn of the century and ceased altogether once the first world war started. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were the arch type, cross pollinating as if their lives depended on it, their studios running with sperm along with the paint and turpentine.

And of course Augustus John, the randiest of goats, fathering an army of children by a good dozen women, his conquests including Ian Fleming's mother as well as Lady Ottoline Morrell the famous Bloomsbury hostess.

The sexual temptations thrown at of such people are clear and obvious, but what this is all leading to is a consideration of the temptations presented to the artists who chose spanking as their dominant theme. (No pun intended).

How aroused must they get, posing some pretty young thing as if she is about to have her bottom spanked.

“Now bend over this desk, that’s right. Now lets have your skirt up, yes, maybe a little more.” And of course:- “I think we need your panties down, yes, maybe just a bit further, just so I can see half of your bottom peeping out.”

And then inevitably, because how could they resist it, “I don’t think the skin tone is quite right, not pink enough. Why don’t you....... that’s right, across my knee like that and l can just give you a little spanking to bring the colour up. What was that? Is there a paint brush in my trousers? Oh, I see , yes, it is a bit hard isn’t it! Look to help me concentrate, if there’s anything you can do to get rid of it....."

And if the girl is less than co-operative, then he can insist on a tied up pose, properly tied up of course and so looking properly alarmed when he approaches her with a look of serious intent on his face and an uncontrollable urge in his trousers.

No, I am overwhelmingly not suggesting that this was the situation with any of the artists and models concerned with any of the drawings reproduced here.

But it’s still a lovely thought!


  1. L

    ah, i have been away and what a delight to find what there is to welcome me back

    shades of 'whilst Reubans was mixing rose madder . . .'

    and so much to browse back on to catch up - you are prolific and do maintain the overall literary and pictoral standard you have set yourself (normal for me, normal - she blushingly lisps)



  2. Good to hear from you. (I thought you'd left me for another site!)

    As you are possibly the only other person on earth who knows the rose madder limerick, the blog wouldn't be the same without you.