Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Think of this as me, bare bottom throbbing and thoroughly chastised. I inadvertently upset a fellow blogger with a recent posting. Hadn’t meant to, but with hindsight I was being insensitive. Consider this to be a public apology

If there’s any of you out there who I’ve annoyed for any reason, this is your moment to give Liz a good smacked bottom. Post your complaints and I’ll try and deal with them.


  1. You haven't ever offended me, I don't know what you did on that other blog, but if you have your pants down and are feeling guilty, you better believe I'm going to smack your lovely bum! Let that be a lesson to you, young lady, and that and that and that!
    Jean Marie

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Not a complaint - in fact quite the opposite. I downloaded 'Educating Anna' a few weeks ago, but decided to keep it as a treat to read over the holiday. A treat it was, too - I thoroughly enjoyed it, and once I'd got to the end went right back and read it again.

    In its overall structure - though not in its style - it reminded me a little of Cleland's classic Fanny Hill: in particular the way your heroine, like Cleland's, finds herself in the final chapter back in the arms (or in Anna's case, across the knee) of her first love, the man who introduced her to her favourite form of erotic pleasure. Coincidence, or intentional?

    Thanks again for a delicious read!

    All best for the New Year,

  3. Thank you! Thank you! How very kind to say all that. It's so good to get any feed back as it is hard to really judge the quality of ones own work.

    Hopefully(fingers crossed) there will be another one out in a few months and of course, should that be the case I will be making a lot of noise about it.

    And of course I hope you have a good New Year too.


  4. Sending hugs rather than complaints. Everyone makes the odd mistake, and you did absolutely the right thing by apologising promptly and so very evidently sincerely. I hope you haven't ended up feeling upset as a result.