Monday, 10 January 2011

Lest we forget....

In my quest to bring you thoughts and images covering the many aspects of the erotic and seductive that happen to appeal to my all too vibrant imagination, I mustn’t of course forget what I suspect is the core interest of so many of you, girls being spanked. Naughty girls who deserve it, and nice girls who don’t but are being spanked anyway. Knickers down and knickers right off; naked girls and girls fetishised in stockings and heels. Across the knee and across the desk, and in every other way. You know that’s what you want, and here is a selection of these minxes for you to enjoy .

A guilty pleasure? I hope so! And what’s the punishment for a girl who brings you all this naughty stuff? Hmmmm!!.


  1. L

    mm . . . New Year's resolution dashed

    i had psyched myself not to be overwhelmed after 2010 but there you've done it and we've barely firstfooted - overwhelmed am i

    how do expect we chaps to keep up - no time to dwell,lasciviously, on the latest offering and orf you go leaving us breathless

    do you, one wonders, do 'requests' if so uniforms and separately, or even together i muse, black girls ie., hot chocolate - might as well roll over and be totally corrupted by your ineffable appetite


  2. Hmm! Requests? I'll have to think about that!