Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Victoria Beckham

In October last year I did a posting on the subject of who in the public eye would we most like to spank and I was soon in receipt of a lot of suggested names. To my surprise, one that did not come up was Victorian Beckham .

I was wondering whatever happened to her, but here's the answer. Poor Victoria, things must be getting tough in the Beckham household if she has to moonlight as a hotel chambermaid. That was the trouble with marrying a footballer, hardly a proper job and you never know from one minute to the next what money is coming in.

At least as a chambermaid, the tips are good, specially if you flash your stocking tops and spend a lot of time bending over in front of the mini bar. Let the guests get a good eyeful and the money just rolls in. If only David had the same work ethic she wouldn't have to do this and could even find time to go back to her knitting and learning Russian.

Actually, looking again I don't think its her at all and I have wasted your time unnecessarily. But then again, look at that lovely dog! He’s gorgeous!

1 comment:

  1. When they say "Bend it like Beckham". Would that mean Victoria also, because her naughtyness in this photo certainly deserves her to receive 'six of the best', with a pliable stinging cane, across her voluptous bare bottom. Would'nt you agree?