Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Foxy Lady

This lady, you have to admit, is rather gorgeous. Superb figure and lovely legs yes, but she’s certainly not a girl any more and she’s fully dressed and nothing about her is remotely pornographic. But that smile, the Giaconda twist of her lips, that promises so much.

Imagine being a soft eyed young man, ripe and fresh and with pounding hormones, and meeting someone like her to guide you through the complex maze which is your as yet unformed sexuality. What a joy!


  1. This lady deserves a spanking just for putting her shoes on the sofa. Can you imagine the lovely little bottom that would greet any would be spanker as they pull up her dress to bare her bottom?

  2. This is a picture of Amelia Jane Rutherford , probably the biggest name in the spanking genre working today . She has her own blog , which is infrequently updated .

  3. lovely young spankee girl .best wishes spanks from tim xx