Wednesday, 5 January 2011

In love (Again!)

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have a tendency to fall in love at very short notice. Let me clarify that. With men I usually fall in lust, but it is with the female of the species where I find the heart is engaged as well as the loins. I have a thing about girls who are delicate and overwhelmingly feminine, girls who want to submit to being kissed and caressed till the two of us are close to swooning. And of course, being young and biddable, a girl who accepts the inevitability of a little discipline from time to time, lovingly administered on her upturned and exposed little bottom which I will soon be kissing better.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that I've just found my heart pounding at the sight of the sweet creature above who is quite perfect in every way.

Hands off. She's mine!


  1. L

    would it not be delightful if we were to learn you actually orchestrated, set the scene, adjusted the garments, tweaked the jewellery and took the picture - and then er, ravished . . .

    however, as with us, perhaps but a delicious dream

    actually she really does look as though she had naughty potentality, requiring well here we go again with thse dreams - but she is real so someone, somewhere . . .


  2. Very well Elizabeth, Hands off it is.... but as for eyes and thoughts... ?

  3. Ahhh Yes, Elizabeth, a woman after my own heart!
    :) Aer

  4. Welcome back Liz, and I hope that you had a good vacation. We did, even got to ski for 3 days. My bottom was not neglected, and a girl friend from college came to visit and she and I revived our mutual spanking and tender sex. (He does not object to it, knows he has me forever, doesn't feel threatened in the slightest.) Regards. Laurie

  5. Thank you all for your messages and appreciation. So glad that I seem to be doing something right in my wicked life.