Friday, 7 January 2011

Subtle, Moi!

A short while ago I did a posting mentioning that the art of seduction involved a degree of subtlety, no more than a modest hint necesssary to give a message that erotic treats might just be on offer. I illustrated it with an image of a seated girl, legs discreetly crossed but still giving a glimpse of her suspenders. Perfect!

None of the minxes pictured her could be accused of being subtle. Far from it Stocking tops and suspenders on blatant display, and two of them aren’t even wearing the flimsiest of panties to cover their wicked little bottoms.

I think some sort of punishment is called for, and of course in a perfect world punishment should fit the crime. But what should it be?????

Oh yes, of course!


  1. I think you are presuming that the two ladies lack panties.

    With the modern thongs there could be a string between those cheeks.

    Give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Of course, is someone has spanking rights over them, he could in the course of the spanking determine what they did, or did not have on, and adjust the punishment accordingly.