Monday, 17 January 2011

Bedtime spanking

I have of course from time to time been at the receiving end of a bed time spanking. Psychologically it's a good time for both parties as not only is it the end of the day and all the time in the world can be given to making a thorough job of it, but of course as every slap and squeal is overshadowed by the spectrum of a double bed that has to be shared, the blood tie between pain and pleasure is never so clear.

What to wear? The possibilities are endless. Sprawl on the bed in whatever you were wearing before, sullenly or provocatively, it’s up to you. Let him make the running, throwing you angrily over his knee and dragging away any protection before soundly teaching you that your bad behaviour will be spanked out of you no matter how long it takes.

Naked of course, like the little black dress, never wrong and guaranteed to produce results. Your total availability to whatever he chooses to do always a strong indication of pleasures to come.

Or a night dress, a wisp of gossamer through which your curves and crevices are hinted at rather than seen, and of course so easy to slide up and expose your upturned and submissive bottom ready for its punishment.

If your relationship has reached the cosy stage then pyjamas are an option with him making you stand in front of him and remove the bottoms before he takes you across his knee. Don’t ever underrate the erotic possibility of traditional pyjamas. The top of you is covered, virginal and protected, but from the waist down your nakedness becomes an irresistible focal point for him to punish and pleasure.

You can of course go for really old fashioned ones like those pictured here with a buttoned back flap. With this opened, as you lie in wait across his knee the only naked flesh he can see is that lovely bottom of yours, perfectly framed for what is about to follow.

So let’s move on. You’ve been soundly spanked, and here the two of you are, alone and on the end of the large bed. You are glowing from your punishment and ripe for forgiveness, and he is throbbing with the need to take his reward having done his duty by you. Where do things go from here?

Him: “I hope you’ve learned your lesson and you’re not going to be a naughty girl again.”

You: (Rubbing your bottom and feeling very contrite) “Of course I have. (Looking at him ruefully) “That really hurt!”

Him: “No more than you deserved. (Pulling you to him) “Now come here will you.”

You: (Cautiously) “What are you going to do now?”

Him: “What do you think? I’m going to kiss you to show that you’re forgiven.”

You: (Snuggling in to him) “Mmmmm” (And then) “My God! Look at you. You’re so big and stiff!”

Him: “So I am!”

You: (Putting your hand down to feel it) “It’s as hard as rock! Look why don’t we lie down.” (Both slide onto the bed and kiss some more, and then) “Look is there any way I can make up for being such a naughty girl?

Him: “Well I suppose…….”

But I’m sure you can easily work out the rest for yourselves.


  1. Cool blog, nice to seel so many bottoms ready to be spanked, but, where, oh where is Rosaleen Young? without a doubt the best spankee of all time

  2. Glad you are enjoying the blog.

    I'll do some research on the lady in question and see what I can come up with.


  3. Rosaleen Young was a friend of mine and we worked together on some of her videos. She left the scene a number of years ago and is now happily retired from the spanking scene.


  4. Is it bedtime or is it bad time???