Friday, 7 January 2011


I react to this image the way a dog reacts to a bone, something instinctive, feral and of course tail waggingly joyous. Poor deluded girl, born donkey's years after parents and teacher stopped spanking children so has never experienced a punitive hand in her life and has no idea what it is all about. And you can tell from that expression on her face just how the conversation went in the typing pool before she came into her boss's office and assumed the position,

"Guess what, girls. I've really gone too far this time and he’s going to spank me!

"You’re going to be spanked! You can't mean it! Not by that dishy Mr Richardson!"

“Yes, honestly! He told me to go and wait in his office and prepare myself!"

"Oh - My - God!!" Wide eyed shrieks and a breathless pause as they try to take it all in. "I mean, do you think he’ll take your knickers down!”

“I'd love it if he did, but he won’t need to. They're TINY! He won't believe what a treat he's getting!

And here she is, bent over and ready, but just as cheeky as she was when he decided he needed to be taught a lesson, and still with no idea what its really all about.

Darling, it hurts! Yes it's exciting, and yes your relationship with him will never be the same again, but once he gets stuck in you wont be smirking I promise you. But looking on the bright side, one's very first spanking is an experience we all had to go through, and I like to think it will be worth it. There are pleasures out there you don't even know exist!


  1. If that was you Elizabeth, I would have loved to take your knicker's down, and give you 'six or more of the very best strokes' with my pliable, swishy, stinging cane, on your bare bottom. I love also the erotic pose, because she is wearing suspender-belt and stockings.

  2. Well, "typing pools" don't really exist any more, we have software instead! But 30-40 years ago typists were spanked by office supervisors for tardiness, poor quality work and "attitude". The young women were used from home to being spannked by their moms, so it wasn't a big deal to get spanked at the office. Now it woule probably be a form of "sexual harrassment". Progress?, I don't think so! Laurie

  3. Just as well it isn't me bent over that desk! Not sure that I'm ready for a bare bottomed caning. (Even if I might deserve one occasionally.)

    And again, by the sound of it, just as well I wasn't in an office in the times you mentioned Laurie. But then, if the supervisor was dishy....