Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pastoral Revisited

So where does my fertile imagination take the young minx from a few postings ago? What about this:-

And then she has an idea. Sunday morning is the time to meet with her young man when everybody from the landowners to the farm labourers will be at church. No one at all will be abroad for a couple of hours.

She pleads a cold and stays in bed, then, when the entire village is on their knees at prayer, off she goes to meet her young lover. So confident is she that no one will be about she walks to the assignation quite naked, her dog at her side to keep her company.

When she meets with him he can’t believe what she has done, but this is his big chance. The stories she tells him of her regular spankings from her strict parents always gets him excited, and now he can try it for himself

“I think you have to be punished.” He says, his eyes bright. “Thoroughly punished!” And hearing these words she pouts and giggles, wondering if he will put her across his knee the way her parents do, but no, in a moment he has her tied to a tree and his leather belt is out .

“I said thoroughly punished. “ He says, and she wonders just how far this might go, but already she's moist between her sweet thighs and she's more than ready for anything he might do.

“Are you a bad girl?” He says, then gives her a first little switch, the leather kissing against her soft bottom with a quiet thwack and she lets out a scream but it’s mostly excitement. “ Yes! Yes!” She answers. “I'm really bad.” And he dos it again, and then again, the leather anointing her body with delicious pain and her answering sobs and cries have his young manhood twitching and jerking in his trousers

Later as they lie in the grass and she's easing his excitement from him, watching his seed erupt from his glowing cock, she knows that she will not be able to get back home in time to avoid being caught and punished. How wonderful! Another spanking from Papa to look forward to. Sundays have never been this good.

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