Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Look at her, pretty, young, curious about her growing sexuality and wanting to experience more. She’s got a new boy friend, rather gorgeous and she can’t believe how good the sex is. But he wants to go further, has persuaded her that giving her a spanking would be fun.

She’s not sure. Part of her is excited by the idea, being over his knee with her knickers down while he tells her how naughty she is. Sound like fun. But how much will it hurt and will he get carried away and not know when to stop?

But then again, all those times in her young life when she deserved a good spanking and it didn’t happen; being so pretty she got away with murder. Maybe it’s catch up time. He’ll be here in a second, and at least she’s showing willing. Skirt off and bent over the bed; the moment of truth is about to happen.


  1. Shame on you.

    She is clearly bent over a sofa, not a bed.

    She may be one of those proper ladies who knows not to invite men into their bedrooms.

    You should not imply otherwise (see the Slander of Women Act of 1891)

  2. Yes it is a couch, but I plead Dei minimis non curat lex (The law is not concerned with trifles.)


  3. Elizabeth thanks a nice picture
    Macspanks any girl who look that good bent over anything (bed sofa etc) needs a good spanking

    Oh yes she does no matter what the law says