Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Rosaleen Young

I like to give people what they would like to see, so following a few comments received relating to my Bedtime Spanking post, I thought I'd give you a few pictures of Rosaleen Young.

I know very little about her save that apparently until a while ago she earned her living getting spanked on film which presumably beats working in a call center and you would never have to worry about the supervisor complaining that your skirts were too short.

But that brings me to a related thought. If your job is getting your bottom smacked, how does the boss punish you if you turn up late or forget to learn your lines?


  1. What a star you are, Miss Young is a joy to behold. I hope you don't mind but I have added a link to some of my postings of Rosaleen Young, hope you enjoy them.

    I don't think image four is her, but nice nine the less, as for punishment for a spanke, that needs some thought :D

  2. When this was originally posted I intended to add some pictures of Rosaleen Young wearing pyjama but forgot, how I could forget is quite beyond me but I have now rectified my omission.