Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Talking to the different men who have been in my life, most of them seem to agree that when they have just taken a girl across their knee and are pulling down their panties in readiness to spank them, that is in itself a moment as exciting and arousing as actually administering the punishment. Not only is it a moment of glorious anticipation, the girl, whether their lover or not, is never so vulnerable and her bottom never so naked as when its unclad availability is counterpointed by their pulled down knickers. I can easily understand this. Speaking for myself, finding myself reduced to nothing more than a naughty little girl across a man's knee with my panties down round my thighs is something I find massively arousing.

But what can be equally arousing for a man is the sight of girl waiting for them, a girl who has lowered her own knickers in anticipation. Bent over and ready, everything about them signals their total surrender to his authority and is right to punish them.

I’m giving you two examples of this, each as good as it gets . Both girls are young and exceptionally pretty and both have a look of dreamy acceptance to whatever is going to happen to them. Maybe it's their first ever spanking, who knows, and they are wondering just how it will feel. Will pleasure or pain be what they will remember when it is all over?

Best leave them to it.


  1. Hello dear. I agree with this post...

    Happy New Year from France.

  2. L

    ha, back with a vengeance, a positive avalanche to be taken in - where does one start, having really only just caught up after you left for your break

    ah so many, so much - on balance perhaps the good girl on the table is evocative and stirs one's imagination

    now just slow down - you can be exhausting . . .


  3. Elizabeth, you are absolutely right. 100% right. The erotic experience of uncovering a naughty lady's bare bottom by taking down her knickers, is a heavenly experience. Yes, I have lady's that wear 'directoire knicker's', and as I slowly take them down from her bottom, my sexual erotic arousal comes into play. Pure joy. Pure ecstasy.

  4. I'm pleased to see that I seem to have got it right with this one and have put a smile on a few faces. That's what I'm here for, so let hope I can continue to keep you all happy.


  5. L

    oh i love that 'that's why i'm here' we do love you

    delightful, you know your place, well behaved, working hard and if ecouragment needed . . .

    i recall as a very young man being told that we were here to help others - nolesse oblige and that malarkey - i got into serious truble when, after thinking about this, i asked er, what are the others here for . . .


  6. nolesse, nolesse what's that all about

    ah, the hand, and indeed the finger, trembles