Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Joan Rivers once remarked that the bigger a girls breasts, the less washing up she would be likely to do in her life. A moot point, but one worth considering.

Going off at a tangent for a moment, in the book I am just finishing, a girl (only a minor character ) earns herself a spanking not for once because of something she has done, but because her breasts. They are so lush, so outrageously and irresistibly gorgeous that they cause outbreaks of masturbation wherever she goes. I picture her breasts as somewhat like the ones I am presenting you with here.

But going back to my main point, if Ms Rivers is right about what girls with large breasts can look forward to, what is the fate of girls with particularly gorgeous bottoms? I hate to say it, but it's probably a lot of spankings. How can most men resist the urge to upend such a girl, expose and admire her exquisite globes and then let certain primitive urges take over.

This being the case, I feel rather sorry for the owners of the bottoms pictured here, all of them destined for long patches across their lover's knee, panties down while they scream that it's not fair.

But then, life never has been.