Monday, 10 January 2011

You're not too big...

“You’re not too big to be spanked young lady!” The warning cry of many a disgruntled father from the days when girls took for granted finding themselves across the parental knee when they’d misbehaved.

But sorry to be a party pooper, but I think that this girl really is too big to be spanked. The woman giving her bottom a pasting has had to sit herself on high stool, but still the girl is draping down both sides like a jumper I used to own years ago that that mysteriously got bigger each time I washed it. There’s more to spanking than punishment, and aesthetics have an important role to play as well.

Find the girl a nice boyfriend of suitable size, (at least six foot eight I would guess,) and he can enjoy himself taking her over his knee not less than once a day to make up for all the spankings earned but not given in the mean time.


  1. The lovely spankee, Amelia Jane Rutherford, is six foot tall without her heels...

  2. I must speak up for tall girls everywhere! I am just under 6 feet without shoes myself. It is tough being a tall spankee! We cannot help it, Liz, obviously, and we cannot sit and wait idly for our 6'8" spanker. Instead, we come to realize that power is not always in a large container, nor submission in a petite one.

    I am pouting. Can you tell? It's tough being tall! It's been tough all my life. And pointing out how awkward a tall girl looks while over someone's lap is like pouring salt in the wound. We need love and spankings, too.

    Off my soapbox. Lord knows I didn't need the extra height. ;)

  3. Dear me! I'm so so sorry! I had no intention of upsetting anybody, and please accept quite genuine apologies.

    Just consider me standing in front of you, head bowed and eyes lowered. My punishment is in your hands, and spank me as long and as hard as you feel necessary.

    Actually, I'm beginning to feel quite excited!


  4. You naughty minx. I think a shorter woman should spank you! :)

    No harm done, but I did post about this particular subject. And, in good humor, challenged you to the carpet!

    (Hope you don't mind!)

  5. As a 5 foot nothing top, 99.9% of the people I spank are taller than me. It's a dynamic that is occasionally brought to debate by the occasional, somewhat narrow-minded, bottom, and one that I don't ever fail to blow out of the water.

    My height has no bearing on my ability to top, other than occasionally (or rather, regularly) scaring the hell out of people who assumed I'd be ineffective at power exchange and not particularly strong. Do some pull-ups and boxing with me and *then* try to tell me that...;)

  6. As a tall spankee and friend of "this girl" (her name's Amelia Jane Rutherford, by the way) it's hard not to see this post as offensive and insulting. What did you hope to achieve by it?

    Women's bodies are the subject of criticism for so many spurious reasons. It can sometimes feel like it's impossible to be the right size or shape. With so much negativity pinned on being fat or skinny, breast size and everything else, do you really have to join in by having a crack at something so obviously inescapable as height?

    Personally, I'm interested in watching scenes with a believable connection between the players, size be damned. Presence, body language, chemistry are all so much more important.

    Mostly, though, I'm just astounded that anyone could find anything with which to fault Amelia's conventionally-perfect, slender, toned physique. If even her looks can be the target of rude comments from people who've never met her, what hope do the rest of us have?

  7. AJR is one of the most delightful people in the spanking scene - a genuinely lovely individual, and someone with whom I loved spending time whenever I've had the chance.

    People do need to remember spanking models are real people (LOL I should know - I'm married to one). They're just as sensitive as the rest of us to criticism - especially comments about their physical appearance (whether that be tall, short, large, small or whatever). Just because they choose to appear in pictures or movies, it doesn't give others carte blanche to take potshots at them.

    I know you didn't mean to cause offence, and your comment apologising sounds very heartfelt.

  8. Never to old too learn. My first apology was genuine and sincere. This one is to reinforce that.

    I've upset a lot of people , quite unintentionally. I'll do my damndest not to do so again.


  9. I'm delighted to inform you that despite the fact that she's a good two or three inches taller than me, I'm entirely able to beat her at arm wrestling and overpower her at will- not that I generally need to, as she's very submissive.

    So hopefully I measure up to be being her boyfriend, even if don't TAPE measure up in feet and inches ;-)

    I wouldn't have posted here, as Elizabeth has already apologised several times, but I did want to make a gentle nag about using unattributed photos. As a producer, I'm more than happy to let people use my photos to illustrate blog posts and articles so long as they retain my URL on the images and are linked back to my site. I think most producers feel the same (but of course one should always ask to make sure). There are plenty of ways of sourcing lovely images with full permission from the copyright holder to use them!

  10. I'm 5'10", so it's not too often I get to spank a girl much taller than me - but when I do it's really no problem. The only mistake the spanker in your picture has made is not using a couch (or sofa, bed or whatever) on which to administer the spanking. Once the spankee's across my lap, with the upper part of her body supported by the couch, it doesn't matter if she's 5'0" or 6'4" - her bottom's where it needs to be and there's no awkwardness.

  11. Elizabeth ,Amelia Jane is a lovely English spankee girl .Pandora spanked you verbally ,that is Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking her otk on good spanking .com a great site ,love and big spanks from tim xx