Saturday, 26 March 2011

Breaking the rules

Rules are of course meant to be broken. What a drab world it would be if things were otherwise. And as a rule I would say that men don’t like tights. It’s true that in the real world if you want to show off your legs of at their very best in a skirt so short it makes peoples eyes water, then only tights will do, but they have their down side. If as a result of your mini skirted posturing you find that you have enticed a beautiful man to your bedroom, then when he’s caressing you on the bed and investigating your upper thighs with his eager hands, there’s no doubt he would have preferred to have found that under your little skirt there’s no more than a pair of skimpy panties to slide down before he can make his first sweet entrance.

But pausing there (and why not; what a lovely thought that was ) just take a look at this gorgeous creature, her thighs and bottom encased in sheer dark nylon that eroticises her limbs so wonderfully. It’s true that like this there is a barrier to penetration, but pleasure, particularly erotic pleasure should always be taken slowly, so take your time to first to enjoy the look and feel of her like this.

And if your tastes run in a certain direction, then gently ease her across your knee; investigate her further with your eyes and hands, then quietly and rhythmically give that exquisite nylon clad bottom a quiet spanking. Enjoy her little squeals as you do so as the two of you get even more ready for the moment of consummation. After all, you won’t find a bottom like this every day.


  1. L

    catching up again and what a feast . . .

    it's disappointing not seeing many comments - particularly from ladies as, of course, my dears, this is all for you, we chaps just take a peak in amazenent

    what a labour of love this is and i'm amazed there is no 'fitre' on comments but people who do contribute generally seem sane

    also neither adverts nor distractions - i remain amazed as when i discovered you, via my french connections where you are adored and worshipped - why do you do it / not that i wish to discourage but surely it has reached the stage now where you go private and we subscribe

    we all would and follow you wherever


  2. L

    just an afterthOught i like also to speculate of you thinking up these quasi erotic password thingys we have to repeat in order to make our comments and don't spoil it by saying its computer generated or some such weeze


  3. You do find some great pictures, don't you? Much better than the average spanking pix, which seem to be all the same; and many of them take no notice of whatever is in the background; and the background quite often ruins what would otherwise have been a good shot. Anyway, my reason for writing is to draw your attention to my comments about your piece on Bardot. I'm afraid your assumption that she was never spanked on screen is simply that - an assumption. You obviously haven't seen all her films. Ah, if I were your editor and you were a cub reporter, the sound of cane on bottom would waft from my office through the night air ...

  4. She is very lovely! ph is of course very useful when one wears short and tight skirts or dresses. It feels so very good getting into this kind of ph!I often make a slit in the crotch of tights, just big enough for three fingers or a vibrator or a penis to go though.

    I also wear sexy ph like hers when I self-spank, which I do now and then as a prelude to solitary pleasuring. I use a varnished hardwood paddle.

    I often wear ph with a spandex reinforced seat when I'm caned or spanked for discipline in other ways. Or for hard erotic spanking. The fabric protects the skin from bruising but the sting is almost like on bare butts.

    It's always a pleasure to open up your blog!! Sincerely, Laurie

  5. So many comments(How nice!)

    J - Always good to hear from you, and Laurie, what a naughty girl you are! I should let loose a few of my male readers on you. They would soon teach you the errors of your ways.

    And Mr Anononymous, (Also posting on Brigitte Bardot.) Thank you for putting me right. Just as well I'm not your apprentice!

  6. I wonder if the nylon would hold in the sting or not?

  7. Liz, well I'm not as naughty as you think I am! True, I love being spanked regularly and hard sometimes, and I love wearing sexy stockings and lingerie in the bedroom, for the man in my life. THE man I mean to say. I haven't been with a girl for years and years now. I wish I had a girl "on the side" but there's no time for it, maybe later on there will be. I have an intellectually demanding job, half-time, and I spend a lot of time with my 3 girls. I run a household and read and play the piano. My life is full and rich. Cheers, Laurie

  8. Anna, yes the nylon in the ph will "hold in" the sting in the sense that one certainly feels the sting/pain and also because it retains much of the heat in the skin that the strokes of the paddle generate. The combiinatiion of the pain and the heat give one an exquisite feeling of erotic arousal. Laurie