Saturday, 26 March 2011

The present

As I have so often said in this blog, pleasure in this world of ours is to be savoured, whether in the realty of a lover’s bedroom or in the Ivory Tower of our personal fantasy world, safe from alien intrusion as our questing fingers ease the joy from out trembling limbs.

For me this image personifies that concept. The two outside females, barely in view, have been given a present to share, and they are unwrapping it slowly and carefully, enjoying every sensual moment as their beautiful new pet comes into view. Just what they have always wanted! A little cuddy kissable thing to play with, to dress and undress at will and of course with a naughty little bottom that will have to be spanked from time to time till it is properly house trained.

And of course, they can sleep with it at night, snuggled up between them , purring with pleasure for the attentions it has been giving and receiving.

Yes, I do want one, and it’s my birthday in July.


  1. This post gave me goose bumps ... in a good way. Love your blog (this is my first time visiting). The photographs are simply beautiful. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Glad you liked it, and always pleased to have a new reader.

    Hope I continue to give you goose bumps.