Friday, 4 March 2011

Jeans wont protect you!

As a female who likes to think she has some understanding of male sexual psychology, yes I understand that they find it hard to resist the sight of a young willowy girl in a flirty little skirt and the temptation it has to present. Just how irresistible it would be to pick up the squealing little brat, throw her across your knee, flip up the skirt in question to expose the cute little bottom barely hidden underneath and give it the spanking it’s been begging for.

And frankly why not? Life’s too short to ration the fun that’s out there to be had.

But I know that some of you using that thought process think that if you wear jeans then you will be safe from attack from your testosterone fuelled lover’s need to up end and expose. Sorry, no chance! It’s one of life mating rituals and nature will always out. Like the young lady pictured here, if your manfriend has the inclination then it’s best that you just close your eyes and think of England!

And be honest, you love it really!

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  1. Now now Liz, we have had this conversation before. You know perfectly well that the only thing that young ladies wear are either skirts or dresses with stockings and suspenders,or if I'm feeling generous holdups,jeans and trousers are definitely not allowed.