Saturday, 19 March 2011


Now what do these two young pretty girls have in common other than that they have their hair in plaits and the little minxes are letting the world get a good look at their exquisitely kissable bare bottoms?

It’s what they are doing to me, that’s what it is. Just looking at them is giving me a bad case of tumble dryer tummy, a weirdly pleasurable feeling of frustration and need, wanting so desperately to consummate the erotic arousal they have generated. I do love seeing grown up females in plaits, it’s a way of making them look both artless and vulnerable at the same time. It’s something that only the very pretty can get away with, and these two mange it with effortless ease.

There’s no doubt they need to be punished for stirring me up like this; a little spanking just to let them know what naughty little madams they are being, then take long time soothing them better, slipping off the rest of their clothing and kissing the rest of their sweet bodies.

I think I might have to go and have a little lie down, one of my special ones……

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