Thursday, 31 March 2011

From Fergus

Here we have a contribution from Fergus, apparently an expert on spanking as he is giving us a thesis on the subject, his chosen topic being “Percussive Spanking,” This is something of which I have not ever heard, but I’m always keen to learn. In the e mail sending this to me he did go so far as to threaten me with one, but all I can say about that is, “Fergus, what sort of girl do you think I am?” But I will make a slightly more serious comment. He refers to the girl getting into a transcendental state after a period of lengthy and slow stimulation, and this of course echoes the unutterable bliss one can experience with gentle and skilful masturbation whether self applied or given by a lover. This, to me, is what sex is all about, the sweet beautiful sensation of arousal brought about by whatever stimulation happens to be right for you. So, Fergus, I forgive you for threatening me, and I forgive you for naming me at the end of your treatise. Hardest of all, I forgive you your corduroy trousers, and that wasn't easy! Anyway, here it is:- The best kind of “good girl” spanking is technically known as a Percussive Spanking. The session features gentle, consistent, rapid, rhythmic and light to medium weight spanks that increase in intensity very gradually over a long period of time. There is practically no pain during a Percussive Spanking, the spanks are so light they are often felt as more of a vigorous skin massage, and the area is no more than lightly pink after the session is done. By tomorrow there won’t even be much marking. This technique can and usually does induce in spankos a relaxed condition called "subspace"; a transcendental state which helps separate the mind from the body to allow the mind to "fly". (This is often accompanied by the playing of spiritual music, and the burning of incense which helps the process and speeds up her decent into subspace). The endorphin release which all spankos crave, is not a rush, but rather a slow and gradual buzz as her sense of well being increases. As the glow in her bottom spreads and her relaxed state and heightened sensitive awareness grows, she starts to move around on my lap and realises that she can get sufficient purchase against my trouser to generate some interesting friction. She now feels the need to gently rub herself against my corduroy trouser leg and generate a little more friction. Provided her panties are warming her pretty ankles, she now faces a dilemma. She wants to wriggle around on my lap to get in the exact position in order to further increase the friction in the right area. She wants to wriggle more to increase her delight, but being a demure and lady-like girl, she needs to stay still to preserve her modesty. Her delicious dilemma will only get worse as she either has to postpone the gratification she craves, or expose her charms and succumb to her wantonness. Her preferred solution, if she was in charge, is to stop, kick Fergus out, and attend to her urgent requirement in the knickers department, but he grips more tightly, and still the spanks continue. Increasingly frustrated, she wriggles, moans, and becomes progressively more insistent that she be released. Why hadn’t she agreed a safe word? She demands release as she becomes frantic but he just tightens his grip and ups the tempo. And….and……and...... Some spankos claim that, at this point, they have actually climaxed. Others involve their Dom, but the result is a big, shuddering O. Would Elizabeth cum on her own? I think so. But it is only for good girls. You been a good girl?

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